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Substantial For fans of Nujabes…

This guy has a very similar sound:

Just stumbled across it tonight. Loving his stuff so far.

1 minute in, already gotta give you props for posting this. Now I’ll go and share it with the guy who put me onto Nujabes.

Wow.. What a great sound, thanks man. Diggin reality check

Edit: Never mind—they’re all dope.

Thanks for the heads up! This is lo-ve-ly

That Reflections albums is phenomenal. Funny thing is, I gave it to my mother on a usb stick just like I did with that last Nujabes album, becaused she loved songs like Far Fowls. She doesn’t like rap, but instrumentals like these, she can’t hate on that. Now yesterday, I went downstairs to smoke, and she was reading a book. But clearly she didn’t feel like getting up to get the remote, so I basically caught her listening to Substantial. Lmao, next thing you know she’ll be listening to Oneirology.