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Kno kno production appreciation thread

im new here and i want to know some of your favorite produced songs that kno has done hes on par with organized noise and reminds of that sound that organized noise did for outkast also a bq oneirology vs. a piece of strange vs. death is silent

Nothing to Give, Brain Cell, Things I Dream, Dance For Me, Darkness, Shattered Dreams, etc.

nice mine would be just like yours except id add whatll you do, beautiful girl, america loves gangsters, love aint in there as well knos production is pretty much flawless

The gates, million miles high, la petite mort, the light, My habit, embers

oh shit i forgot embers and the gates la petite mort is absolutely beautiful as well and so is my habit

@houstanz its cool that you put things I dream and dance for me lol dirty acres is severely underrated

^ word.

I didn’t even think of DIS production when I was making that list.. so you can pretty much add If You Cry, Spread Your Wings, and They Told Me to my list. lol

loneliness is incredible to along with the new day

and we cant leave enemies with benefits from oneirology out because it takes pure genius to make a beat like that with almost no samples at all