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Tonedeff Tonedeff = Seth Macfarlane!

I’m on to you Tone…or should i say SETH MCFARLANE!

confused am I

houstonz said:confused am I

Is this about the eyes/eyebrows?

Maybe their voices sound similar? Im lost.

Silbz said:Maybe their voices sound similar? Im lost.

Yeah, I assumed this was talking about their voices too.

One day i was listening to a tonedeff song and then a Seth Mcfarlane interview came on tv.
Then it hit me Tonedeff = Seth

I get it now. He even used a clip from Family Guy before he started rapping in That’s What Happens.

I dont see it lol but maybe its just me


There is not enough discussion on this subject.

the evidence is clear… there should be no further discussion

I still have no idea what’s happening in here….

Today I learned Olivia Munn looks like Derpy, and that Incaspic either reddits or is a brony Possibly both; They’re not mutually exclusive.

TIL JLee knows who Derpy is.

I’ve become a certified internet NERD over the last 2 years or so. But seriously, what’s up with this thread?

I like that ponies show up in the most unexpected places.

I donno, I don’t think Tone’s output is the same as Seth’s (which is still funny no matter how similar it all is).


^^^ That’s pretty funny, but… “Simpsons did it!”

Congratz on your first motion picture Tone!


Who else is looking foward to Tonedeffs new movie?

Wait, guys. Peter Anthony Red.

PAR is three letters.

Anthony is a permutation of Tony.

Tony and Ted both start with T.

Red - Ted.

Both have googled “Mila Kunis upskirt.”


This is the weirdest online marketing for a movie I’ve ever seen. I’m gonna go search the Stones Throw boards for the MF Doom = Seth Macfarlane topic now.

i dont get wtf is going on here, but Ted was funny as shit.