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Tonedeff :: ‘The Projectionist’ Discussion Thread ::

Artwork: Ray Jones


Talk amongst yourselves.

I can’t wait to hear the full version of that song we heard during the live stream.

I just noticed the manequin pieces on the ground. How many tracks you guys think this ep will be…like 6? I always thought ep’s we’re supposed to be short but the hyphen ep has alot of songs on it. Would be dope if this ep was as long as hyphen.

you wont post that EP up now….

not usually into singer-songwriter type stuff but i will definitely check this out. interested to see what tone brings to the table with this project.

10 days seems like an eternity

i’m hesitant, but then again, i think Tone’s track record speaks for itself—so I shouldn’t be. at all.

I pretty much like anything the guy produces.

If it’s anything like Tone’s cover of What Part of Forever, which I believe Tone did compare it to in the livestream, I’m going to really like this EP.

^ Super neat that the coproducer/cowriter of the song gave Tonedeff props on youtube saying they like it better than the original.

Artwork is nice. Now someone smarter than me dissect its meaning for us.

Seems like the guy by the projector is doing the projection onto that mannequin…

I’m no psychologist, but there’s a lot on wikipedia about it. Maybe this “Peter Anthony Red” character is Tone’s opportunity to project onto another “person”(???)


What’s with the lady mannequin parts on the floor?

I get the feeling the songs will be stories about different types of people. The mannequins represent the unique people with their different parts but at the core of them they’re all mannequins/people who share a basic set of universal traits.

Also they could be projections of himself described in 3rd person. Different aspects of his own personality or who he would like to be but isn’t.

Yup. Probably about people trying project an image of themselves to others

You guys seen the alternate cover yet?


In all seriousness, I havent been paying alot of attention to music for a while (busy blah blah) but i’ll be on bandcamp on the 12th.

Dope. Cannot wait.

Ray Jones did a great job on that cover art, dooope. I’m really looking forward to this dropping.

Soon enough!


Sweet baby Jesus 5 days left.

2 days c’mon

Perfect timing on the release. I will be road-tripping through Europe beginning on 12th so this will definitely be on heavy rotation throughout the trip!

Mmmm anticipation.

From PAR’s twitter :

Peter Anthony Red said:Hey friends, I’ve been staggeringly I’ll for the past 5 days and spent Sunday morning in the ER stabilizing my fever. #actofgod
With that said, there’ll be a slight delay on the release of the projectionist until later this week. My sincerest apologies. Talk soon.

those damn acts of god!
hope your feeling better P.A.R.

Damn! I guess the fever got worse since the podcast. I hope you’re feeling better Tone.

It ain’t no thang. Feel better Tone!

That’s a bummer. But health is more important than an EP. Take care, Tone

Get better Tone, gotta take care of your health first.