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General Discussion Thoughts On Angel-Wing Tattoos

Girls who have… Hot or not?

it can be hot, however I feel that if there off line.. like you know uneven or whatever it can be pretty funny. Thats probably because I have a mean sense of humor.

Never seen uneven angel-wing tats but I feel like any tats that are uneven or messed up are funnee

I always advise my dumbass friends to go to a professional but then they dont and it comes out all uneven..

dwilli said:Brilliant.

The tattoo? lol

I read this as “thoughts on one-winged angel tattoos.”

I was thinking “people actually get these? Muthafuckas must LOVE them some final fantasy.”

Ummm, that said, yeah, I guess I dig ‘em. They make me think of Julia Bond, and she gets me all randy and shit. Honestly I think I’d be a little turned on if I met a girl who only had one side done. It’d be like Julia Bond and Final Fantasy.

(Shit. I think my nerd is showing a little.)

I don’t like em.