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Tonedeff Favorite Song On ‘The Projectionist’

POLL › Pick Your Favorite Song On The Projectionist:

The Projectionist 4
Never Enough 21
Spiral 25
Climb 17
Stones 2
Total Votes: 69

Now that The Projectionist is out, what is your favorite song on it?

Haha it’s nice to see you’re obviously as excited to hear feedback as we are the EP.

I’ve only had one play through so far. But ‘The Projectionist/Climb’ were probably my favourites, followed equally by Spiral/Never Enough.. but ‘Stones’ is still awesome.

Wish I could talk more about it immediately but it’s going to need my finest tooth-comb over the next few days.

After the first listen, Never Enough is my favourite. But music from QN5 tend to grow an awful lot, so it could easily look different after a couple of more listens!

This EP is nothing like what I expected and it’s totally fucking amazing.

It’s almost impossible to choose one at this point, but if pushed, I think Spiral is my favorite

On first listen, Climb. I could definitely see Never Enough or more likely Spiral taking over after a few more listens

I agree, I feel like there was so much work put into this it’d almost be unfair to give opinions without giving it the proper amount of time to absorb it all. That said, Spiral’s currently my favorite too.

Never Enough, hits right at home. Beautiful beautiful EP, I will be listening to this for a LONGG time.

Had a hard time picking my favorite between The Projectionist, Never Enough and Spiral.. But I chose Spiral, because that first half is just blowing my mind! Thanks for the EP, Anthony

I cant pick right now. I’m on my third listen-through, but I haven’t even heard the words yet.


Spiral is blowing my mind right now, a perfect blend of tone the songwriter and tone the rapidfire spitter.

It’s a tie between Spiral and Climb, but seriously, each song is so strikingly beautiful, and just… musical, I adore everything about it

Picked The Projectionist I wish it was longer but all tracks were top notch though.

All tracks are amazing but Never Enough = goosebumps.

I went Climb, but Never Enough and Spiral are also sooo damn good. This EP blew me away in a way I totally wasn’t prepared for.

Spiral is epic, but I definitely need to give the EP a few more spins to give a more concrete answer

It’s damn hard to choose for one song. Simply because each time I listen to the EP, I can’t stop it ‘till the end.
I only picked “Spiral” because it’s the longest and I like how the rythm changes throughout the song (the fast paste rythm really pictures the “spiral” perfectly).

Other than that, I was really waiting on “The Projectonist” (the song) since the livestream and it did not disappoint, but I really wished it was longer.

I have a hard time choosing, but Never Enough was the one that originally stood out to me personally over the others. My choice will probably differ with each listen.

I want to say “Never Enough” is my favorite but Anthony was absolutely beasting on Spiral. Stones touches me in that Christmas time as a youth feeling( I don’t know how to describe it but I’ve felt it before) and Climb just builds me up. I can’t pick a favorite, they all are dope in their own right. Also the title track.

I went with Climb, I love that sweeping intro, and the build-up is on some sigur ros shit, beautiful. I love all the songs though, there is not one you can overlook.

It’s a toss up between Climb and Never Enough.The entire thing is great though…but i think i’ll go with Climb.

It was spiral after first two listens, however the way Climb builds up and is amazing, and it’s a such a great inspirational song that makes you realize that you need to keep going, even when things aren’t necessarily going in your favor.

Definitely never enough, so freakin good!

“Never Enough.” It really hits home in my life right now. The last song to hit me hard like this one was “Porcelain,” several years ago.

about 6 listens in - have to continue to digest before I can decide a favorite.

“Never Enough” easily. On repeat.

This is a gem of an EP. I’m initially loving Never Enough (got my vote), but Spiral is reeeally growing on me.

I voted for Spiral initially but as I’ve listened more, Climb has taken it for me. The “I wanna climb” part gives me chills every time

yeah its hard to choose because they’re all connected in the story arc. but i went with Spiral. the rhythmic “rapping” and the dynamic tempo changes are quite impressive.

Never enough by a mile