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Substantial [NEWS] Substantial “Home Is Where The Art Is” Info Leaked via Twitter

From Stans Facebook:

According to Mello Music Groups Facebook it is to be released Septemper 4th

Cool, can’t wait. The production on Oddisee’s “People Hear What They See” album was nice, his style fits Stan’s perfectly imo.

Agreed. Oddisee is one of my if not favorite artist outside of the Qn5 fam, and “PHWTS” was phenomenal… can’t decide between that and “Trophies” for my favorite of the year so far. Anyway, this is going to be a great album no doubt… Mello Music Group and Qn5 have never dissapointed me. So with both of them teamed up together?... fahgetaboutit

Posted on MMG Facebook : (possible start to album artwork?...)!/photo.php?fbid=10151235774208294&set=a.10151235773653294.543693.354497253293&type=1&theater;

Great news. I’ve been waiting for some new Substantial. Can’t wait

Glad kokayi will be on the album, cant wait for this


Seriously cannot wait for this album..

Will it be available somewhere else than ughh? They charge a little bit too much for international shipping for my taste…

Yes, it will. They were just the first to post it. Stay tuned for more info/stores.