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Tacos & Chocolate Milk Podcast Episode #9: “Genitaliation” (7.9.12)


This week on Tacos & Chocolate Milk w/ Tonedeff & PackFM, the fellas chop it up re: Celebrity outings (ie. Frank Ocean), Kim Kardashian’s vagina, women who sleep during movies and announce their special guest for episode #10! We have a new T&CM; discussion forum with all the past episodes in one place, so come on through and drop a dime. Don’t forget to send your questions and comments to tacos[at] and rate/comment on iTunes!


Helllll yeaaaah

(get that Asian velocity kid on the next podcast)

My brain is stained with Tone’s impression of Kim Kardashian’s vagina.

Ah man. This is the best hour so far. Jesus. That Frank Ocean laundry shit killed me. And Kno for the next episode? Wooooorrrrddd.

just started watching this. I feel like sending pack a ‘‘yo pac’’ question instead just to see what he’d say.

Gonna Listen to it at work. I’m actually glad TACM got it’s own sub forum, with a topic for each episode.

The Frank Ocean shit was hilarious. Can’t wait to hear what Kno has up his sleeve next week

This one was the best so far, I agree. I mean where else can you hear what Kim K’s pussy sounds like? The video she made, I guess…but still.

This hit me a few episodes ago but I never commented on it. Obviously Tone is a pervert (which I can relate with, actually) and will say he’d fuck this chick or do whatever dirty thing he’s thinking to whatever slut they’re discussing. Contrast that with a newly married, perhaps non-pervert, and you get rolling on an awkward situation where even if Pack wanted to agree he may think he shouldn’t. The reason I bring this up is because I’m going to bet it has to do with the women involved. Some guys can pull off the “yo, I’d fuck that chick” yet the girlfriend or wife does not take it personally because she probably knows he won’t act on it anyway. On the other hand you have the camp of chicks that get pissed if their boyfriend or husband says Kate Beckinsale is hot as if he’d ever have a shot or is stating anything but a fact. Tone takes that to the extreme of course so I wonder if his wife is just cool with it, if he’s just been like that so she has no choice to accept it, or what? (well she DID do that Disappointed cover so that’s a clue) Then in Pack’s case, he may not be interested in fucking all the bitches on PornTube or E! in the first place, but could he even say it if he did want to?

Maybe this is a question for Yo Pack but it sounds like they have enough.

Jimson11 said:This hit me a few episodes ago but I never commented on it. Obviously Tone is a pervert (which I can relate with, actually) and will say he’d fuck this chick or do whatever dirty thing he’s thinking to whatever slut they’re discussing.

Basically… it just boils down to Pack having tact and Tone having none/no-shame.

Thanks Tone & Pack made my day, another great podcast kept me entertained while staying overnight in hospital. Keep it up.

Yo I’d like to speak on that whole male vs female attention issue and a situation I’m in that reflects that. I have a female friend who i text fairly often. Usually when she texts me, i respond immediately like within a few hours if not minutes. We’re cool but she still keeps parts of her life private to me. Like upcoming events in her life, she won’t really tell me she has until after it happens and only if it leads to a long break in communication between us.

Last month i texted her and she did not respond to me until almost a month later. Out of the blue after almost a month of no communication she texts me saying something, I don’t respond, then she texts that we haven’t spoken in a while, I still don’t respond, then she texts me again, I still don’t respond then she calls me, I honestly missed the call so she leaves a message on the voice mail and mentions that last week she was on vacation (which I had no idea about because she didn’t even tell me she was going on vacation nor that she would not be able to contact me which I have to assume is the reason she did not contact me for so long, she never said why she hadn’t contacted me, only that she was on vacation), I still don’t respond, then she texts me again saying “I hope you’re okay as you have yet to respond to me after i texted and called you”, all of this within the span of two days. See she sees something is wrong with me for not responding to her within two days but she can go a month without responding to me and not think anything is wrong with that.

That part in this podcast about girls and movies made me think about this situation. She’s used to the immediate attention and when a guy does not give her the immediate attention she assumes something is wrong while nothing is wrong with her going 10 times as long without giving a guy attention.

She went from text to phone call which she normally doesn’t do, i’m close to expecting her to show up on my doorstep soon lol.

I think the same way girls were trained not to watch a movie, they’re accustomed to getting immediate attention from a guy and when they don’t get it, something is wrong.

I hate generalizations but Tone was on point with that.

Word, women are weird like that. Attention is something people only seem to notice when they don’t get it. Men too though, you obviously noticed and didn’t like the fact she went awol for a month without telling you, you just didn’t spam the fuck out of her phone. That’s the difference between men and women, we say “fuck it” alot easier.

And a big thanks to Pack (and Tone), for answering my Yo Pack! this week. Much appreciated. It’s good to hear the artist’s points of view on that subject since i’m a collector myself. Props.

2 Chainz NIGGA!!!!!!! I forget what episode it was but that shit is funny as hell