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Kokayi :: Official ‘Pro Deo et Patria’ Appreciation Thread (9.21.12)::




Give us your thoughts & comments!

I hope theres a track reminiscent of “take me away” from all hail, easily one of my fav koke err czrs tracks, really looking forward to this!

I’m loving what I’ve heard so far. I hope he gives us a release date soon.

I really like Wayyts. looking forward to the album

Love the snippet of ZaZa Yeah!! And Wayyts is easily one of the best songs in 2012.. It continues to grow on me every time I listen to it

Can’t wait for a whole new Kokayi record!

I gotta email sayn it releases the 14th or 15th of this month can’t remember tho….Will i be able to buy a physical?

We have no idea.


i wonder if any of the other songs that were on bandcamp will be on the album, cold world forgot the name of the 2 other songs. But nevertheless i can’t wait to hear what czrs got for us.

nope. the release party in NY is for the Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio record that we just released. I’m in Proverb Trio. as well as Elevated Entity w/ Melvin Gibbs.

the 2 songs that were on bandcamp will not be on Pro Deo.. i’ll post a release date soon.

thanks for the update kokayi

Everything sounds ill thus far. I just hope it lives up to “All Hail”

This may be a dumb question, but what’s the difference between a Kokayi project and a CZRS project?

CZRS=95% singing
Kokayi=95% rhyming
INST=100% beats

kokayi said:CZRS=95% singing
Kokayi=95% rhyming
INST=100% beats

Cool, I’m excited. I loved Robots & Dinosaurs

Can anyone shed light on what the title means?

It means “For God & Country” in Latin, and is used as the motto for the Chaplain Corps in the US Army.

what about the songs that were put up on the bandcamp (approx) a year/18months ago ? i think they were called wonder, cold world and shook up.

From Koke’s Facebook: “Mastering is done. News soon come. release date etc. etc.”

w00t! though honestly R&D and All Hail still sound so new and fresh.. who needs new music? (jk)

Im wet with anticipation

@Scott A. yep. It was also the motto from my high school. @ianism, those songs are in the wind bredren..until i can find a place to put them.

Oh I missed that. Preordered !
And it’s out in two days ? Hell yeah

Midnight release? can’t wait!!!!!!!

Its 5:52 in the morning I play birdus ghetti and I’m instantly in love with this album…Under 1’s mask has this video game/chill sound which Is just fuckin awesome ..Doesn’t probably make sense but all that matters in the end that this is GREAT music.. You already know…....copped!!!!!!!!

it is several notches above the other CZRS projects. fun as fuck

(at least that’s what i think)

Will there be a physical release at all?

yes. i need to get the packaging i want together and super package deals meaning tshirts, posters, etc.. and have you preorder them and shabow…dundee

listening now, sounds great so far.