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Kno Kno & RA Scion

I was glad to hear Macklemore over a beat. Even see the work with Geologic who was on Massline Media with RA. Any chance that two white boys named Ryan born in Kentucky could ever get together and make some music? I think this would be a dope collabo now that RA Scion is no longer working with Sabzi or 14KT as far as Ive heard.

RA Scion Interview - 88 Till Infinity

Been awhile since I logged in here. Just wanted to throw a huge thanks your way for Guide You Through The Shadows. I love his lyrics but his beat selection over his last couple of albums were a lot more experimental. This song really made me miss Common Market. He’s definitely more active recently so thanks for anything you might of done to keep him making new music.

is that 14KT the same 14KT that is now working with Mayer Hawthorne as the duo called “Jaded Incorporated”?

Seems I was mistaken back then. The producers name was MTK, all I remember is it wasn’t Sabzi and that made me sad at the time. He has had a couple credits on JMT/AOTP or Bambu songs, though I think this is one of the few albums he was in charge of in its entirety.