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Tonedeff btw…

This is my favorite candy bar:


Gross. Snickers >>>>

You just like the name you fuckin pervert lol

Heath > Skor
but more importantly, crunchie >>>>>>> everything

My nickname among females? Nutrageous.

But for real, Reese’s Cups are a form of legal crack, then they got all those holiday shapes.

You ever had a frozen Reese’s egg/tree/heart? Nothing beats those ever.

Reese’s > everything.

I donno, those Almond Snickers are the shit.

JLee said:Heath > Skor

I love Heath bars.. especially in a blizzard from Dairy Queen. fuuuuuuuuuuuu delicious

@Trashman, you should try a Cadbury Wunderbar (aka Starbar). Chocolate, peanut butter, AND caramel.

Also, I would eat this everyday if I could.

Those Peanut Butter Snickers are delicious too. I have never had a Starbar, but yeah that sounds awesome.

JLee said:Heath > Skor
but more importantly, crunchie >>>>>>> everything

crunchie win all day, everyday

Ate a Skor today with lunch…it was awesome.

Whittakers peanut slab is my shit.



i used to love these but i cant find them anywhere no more

yo you guys are coming out with these crazy candy bars ....I have never seen more then half of these..and here I am thinkn reeses is the only thing good


I don’t care for chocolate all that much, but those are my favourite munchies when I’m high^. They don’t sell them in the UK so I have them imported >_<

Oobe said:372326077_c4a9a6532a.jpg

These bars are alright, but IKEA make Daim cakes that are amazing.

I enjoy the Twix from my campus’s vending machines.

I’m telling you these are good…


I like looking at cross-sections of candy bars, also, I’m big.


CSolipsism said:I enjoy the Twix from my campus’s vending machines.

Twix are where it’s at, son!

Cookies n cream hershey bars are my favorite.

i agree with the C’s. Twix it is. and Mars a close 2nd. i ate knockoff Twix & Mars bars (they were 1/4 the price) for a year and a half of working on bicycles at night

that being said, Reese’s are awesome too but they get smushed too easily Sad


These are the shizzle.