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PackFM The Bad News..

Pack announced that ‘The Human Highlight Reel’ will be his last solo record.

He may still do collaborative projects in the future after that, but there won’t be any more solo albums from PackFM after ‘The Human Highlight Reel.’


Is that because he’s changing his name to mak bitchz? Seriously though, that’s crappy news. Hopefully he goes out with a bang.

Oh man… A part of me died at this news..


Well this sucks… But yeah, last solo album doesn’t mean he’s retired, right ? There’ll still be collabs that would lead to a F.M vol 5 ? Right ?

Whata slap to my ear drums…Thats sad news..I mean Im very selective of my musical choices and having one less to choose from will hurt. Not to say I cant throw on the previous albums..this just sucks no matter howu slice it

Yeah, I hope he changes his mind.

That sucks so much. But it’s gonna be a sick album, and I’m sure collabs are in the future

They definitely are Cthulhu. He mentioned last night he’d love to do an album/EP with Deacon, do another eFamm at some point and do a proper Dominion project. We know from TACM that he would also love to work on EP type project with Tone.

That is sad news. However hopefully he’ll still get on the collab projects as you guys have said - and hopefully he’ll still perform live?

..So the next stage is comedy? That’s pretty exciting compensation.

Yea sucks that this will be his last solo but at the same time I’m excited for HHR

Oh. Fuck. That sucks….lets hope an eFamm album is in the future with pack as a prominent member.

So comedy? Like stand up or what?

theKOSMOS said:So comedy? Like stand up or what?

Yeah. The skits on FMv4 were from an actual stand up gig he did a little while back. I believe he said it is something he is interested in doing more of.

Godammit Pack! Por queeeeeee???

This made me sad last night. Pack is a talented dude and it’ll be a sad loss for my ears when he stops rapping altogether. At least we can look forward to any collabo projects he might do.

Yeah. This broke my heart. I’ve been vibing to Pack’s music for a long time, since before I first saw him perform at SOBs and took a spot close to the stage in my white FM shirt off cafepress (?). It’s the nature of fan hood, I suppose. It’s bittersweet.

Had a stressful ass day and this made it worse.. well.. at least hes not retiring.

Well lets not beat around the bush mo’fuckers dont support REALLY…I mean like pack said dude got 2 pages full of candy bars and 2 responses bout the new album Im sorry to flip out but he’s right man shit is just sad

The QN5 folks have always said that message board activity isn’t entirely indicative of fan support, though. That was true six months ago, seven years ago, and even in 2001. It’s disenchanting, because numbers are everything in this music business, but lurkers are real.

I’m sure Google analytics and incoming searches to the site let the QNFam know where the interest rests.

But it just sucks knowing that lurkers come by and see three replies about something, and the first one might be like, “Oh, man! I wish I had the money!” Or a show announcement and the first replies are, “I would go, but ...”

We beg that you reconsider!

Look at it this way… if it truly is his last album and he doesn’t change his mind than he’s gonna go out with a flawless album. Packfm only gets better to me and this will probably be his best project yet.