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General Discussion What 2 artists would you guys like to see battle each other?

I’d love to seem eminem and redman battle each other. I think it would be great for hip hop. And I don’t mean beef wise I mean for fun or for charity. It would be a paid event. If this happened more often it would make battling cool again which hip hop could use right now. Especially since were in a phase where rappers are beefing on twitter which isn’t what hip hop is known for. Battling or tracks with no subliminals. And it could make lyrics become cool again and right now everybody is always worrying about swag and looks but not really paying attention to the music.

Eli porter. He’s the best.

Haven’t heard of him.

Biggie Smalls and Lil Wayne.

Epic Aesthetic said:Biggie Smalls and Lil Wayne.

Haha Biggie and 2 chainz.

mattthegod said:

Epic Aesthetic said:Biggie Smalls and Lil Wayne.

Haha Biggie and 2 chainz.

Haha Xzibit and Will Smith.

Funniest shit ever.. 2 white guys battling.. the other one gets angry and starts throwing punches. I think that’s flat out hilarious. But in all seriousness yea Eminem & Redman are my two. They can both still freestyle perfectly after all these years and it would be like.. 3 rounds and it would still be close. I’d pay to see that. I’d say canibus and eminem.. but after seeing what dizaster did.. eminem would fucking destroy canibus. Canibus has always seemed really cocky to me.. and him an Em beefed a while back. Canibus I love to see get defeated in a battle or beef because hes so damn cocky its hilarious.

Eli Porter vs. Daxflame

Kid Cudi vs. Lupe Fiasco Very Happy

Tonedeff and PackFM

Someone had to say it Razz