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PackFM Interview With PackFM: Talks about “The Human Highlight Reel”

Hey guys, I am a journalist for and I just finished conducting and editing the interview with PackFM

He talks about how he has changed over the past six years since the release of his debut “WhutDuzFMStand4?” and also gives us some exclusive information about “The Human Highlight Reel” that you were all wondering about.

Give the interview a watch, share it around to people who would appreciate it, and leave comments!

Very dope! Thanks for supporting, Dalena!

Nice interview !

I was actually a little worried about the mixing part of The Human Highlight Reel, but it looks like it’s being figured out.

Can’t wait !

Word. I can’t wait to hear this… and seeing as it’ll be the recording and a DVD of Pack’s last solo record, I’ve gotta be there. Like someone else mentioned, a Megashow would be the perfect time to pull it all off.

^ word. Gotta find a way to be there

This album is going to be bitter sweet for me…. As someone who first saw you guy’s rock when I was like 14 years old at the Bowery Poetry Club (I went for Cunninlynguists and came out a fan of all of QN5), it’s sad to hear this is PackFM’s last Solo…. But I’m 27 now and I kind of understand… after 30+ qn5 show; I can see this as ending on a positive note..