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Tonedeff I cant wait

October, Glutton EP, anticipation, anyone else?

October has begun.

Luckily I’m very busy this month, so if Glutton gets a little delayed I shouldn’t be losing too much sleep. But make no mistake, I am very excited. It’s also going to be cool pre-ordering Polymer.. and if any further details of the album as a whole will be released (overall tracklisting? Cover art? Special edition?).

I wonder if Glutton will be released the exact same time as the pre-order for Polymer goes up or if they’ll be slightly apart.

Any pre-pre-order hints tone? Very Happy

Yeah, give us hints tone!!

This is gonna be glorious. The anticipation is killing me.

What’s glutton?



























Still waiting on a couple pieces, unfortunately. But I don’t see this being held up much longer. I’ll keep ya posted, folks. I definitely appreciate the anticipation.

In all honesty, I appreciate it. I may not have been into the QN5 forums since the beginning of time, but I love everything. The Music, the artists, the pricing of albums, and this is by far the best community ever.

fucking love QN5

get ur canadian show tickets bitches.

Arrrrgh….im getting hypenitis