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General Discussion What gigs have you been to this year?

soooo if you have the time/money to catch oddisee with good compny, you really should. saw oddisee in the spring with a dj which was still a fantastic show, but the band he’s touring with right now is soooooo good and (understandably) suits his music so well… they performed on their own before backing him up—highly recommend trying to catch it. so much talent was on that stage.

also, i know i got the recommendation for son little from here so thanks (again) to that! seeing him in a couple weeks, pretty excited. Smile

Yup. Oddisee with Good company is fantastic. I saw him a month or two ago and it was great.. but I saw them in London last year and they were even better. That London gig was literally one of the most impressive hip-hop shows I’ve EVER been to.

i haven’t seen shit over here in the friggin desert! Sad

You going to the Garage, Epic?

Yessir. Me and Scott A are heading up.

I’m in the vicinity! Smile

anyone checking out immortal tech and cypress hill in philly tonight?

I love Ceschi live. That’s it. Seen the guy a lot the last two years and he just loves his music so much and it shows.