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PackFM PackFM - “The Speaker King” Anticipation Thread

the intro instrumental was flyyyyyyy

Less than two weeks till Speaker King drops! Do you think we can expect a single/leak before the full release?

JTX said:December 16th, 2014!!!

Although due to time zones, I probably won’t hear it until Dec 17th.

Anyway, it’s Speaker King time!
Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun (Hunter, The Winter fire EP, Winter Breaks, ...)!

Do you think it is still supposed to drop tomorrow? I find it a little weird that there hasn’t been an official announcement outside of the Livestream - no tracklisting, cover art, preorder page etc.
Tone tweeted a week ago that he had just finished his verse for the remix of Crazy so they have obviously been busy working on it, but I’m starting to worry that it will get slightly delayed. I hope I’m wrong though, I really need some new PackFM.

Truth: during the livestream when Tone said he would do a remix for “Crazy” I confused Crazy for Nasty. I’d very much like a Tone featured remix of Nasty.

Unfortunately, the release isn’t happening today. Not sure when it’ll be released either. Hopefully Pack will be able to shed some light on his plans. Apologies to anyone who was anticipating the release today. We’re equally bummed.

This might get lengthy, so for those who might not want to or have time to read:

It’ll come out, don’t know when, hope your still interested when it does.

At the beginning of 2014 I sent this email to artists in the QN5 camp

“Peace all
Im really still at a point where I’m trying to figure out how active I want to be in the music scene. I’ve been going back and forth ever since the completion of last years megashow, which is why I haven’t been too active. The rapper in me wants to keep going badly, but there are other things non-rap related that I want to do that I feel i could be using the energy I would put towards making music and all the things that go along with that. And right now the results that come from making music and that grind just aren’t enough to motivate me or fulfill me.

I don’t know how long this hiatus will last. I still love the feeling I get from being on stage, which has always been my main motivation, but all of the other things involved really don’t interest me right now. I’m still down to contribute a verse or a song to any projects and perform anywhere anytime. But as far as focusing my energies on completing a PackFM project, that has to be put on hold right now.

I just want to see how things turn out if i give my other ambitions the same amount of attention that I did with music.”

I’d been feeling that way since after the Megashow. I worked extremely hard on it, performed my heart out and had a great time. But when it was all said and done, I still had to go to work on Monday. I basically felt like with all of the work I was doing and time spent, nothing was coming back that made an actual change or difference in my life.

Moving forward I recorded a few songs, did a few shows but mainly decided focused my efforts on my design career which I neglected for music previously. And when I want to do something I go hard, so i was excited to see what could come from all of this. Things were going well, I was learning new things, getting loyal clients etc. It got to the point where I was actually comfortable enough to quit the job I was working to give myself time and head space to strategically look for something that would put me on the right path careerwise. I’d also planned to work on The Speaker King with the extra time.

When I quit my job 2 things happened. First, the day of, I get an email from Kno inviting me on their fall tour. Of course I said yes. Next, within a week, I landed a job interview with a design agency and was hired. Suddenly all the free time I’d been looking forward to was being sucked up. All I could think about was how much time and effort go into making records and what I actually get in return. Averaged out, the money I make off of music per month isn’t even enough to pay my cell phone bill and I have a pretty good plan. So I started to look around and see what the demand was like. After looking around, there wasn’t much, no real activity on social media, and when I came to these forums to see what the deal was, I saw that there wasn’t anything going on here either, and this is my core fanbase.

I posted here looking for inspiration and your responses convinced me that it was worth a shot. And once I made the decision to take that shot, my life got so much more stressful than it had been in the months prior. Website launch went wrong, releasing FMV15 was a disaster. Songs that had been promised for my record had gotten released on other projects, getting sick on tour, you name it. And whats worse is it seemed like nobody seemed to notice or care one way or another, like there was hardly a peep from fans about anything. I’m not blaming you guys, it’s just how the ball was bouncing ya know?

But my whole mindset changed when Domingo told me he was going to use “Let’s Rap” for his project. I said why don’t we do a video for it, and he was down with that, but he didn’t have a budget. So I offered to do it myself. Within about a week of trying to plan a video around everything else I had going on, I decided it just wasn’t worth it to put myself through all of that stress and time that I could be using to do other things that I actually get something out of other than “props”.

I’m getting long winded, so I’ll get to the point.

Session said it perfectly on the last podcast. He said regarding his exit from music why would spend all of my time and energy on the thing that has the LEAST chance of being successful, when Im actually good at things that I can actually get paid for and not be stressed out about.

It’s not all about the money, but I’m 37 years old and that’s just too old to be spending more than half of my time on something that only yields props. And I guess that being where my mind is at, makes it much harder for me to focus on writing songs, and believe me i TRIED AND TRIED to write. But the things I want to say, aren’t coming to me.

So with all of that being said, I’ve been trying to do this record for more than a year and I still WANT to, but at this point I can’t put a date on it. When it’s time you’ll know, but I have to walk this path for now. In the meantime there are about 150+ PackFM tracks on that I hope you can still listen to and enjoy.

Love yall


Thanks for the honest response Pack.

The saddest thing about this whole situation is that your viewpoint makes total sense. When you posted about a lack of inspiration before I thought maybe you just needed a bit of a push, so I’m sorry for any additional stress that may have contributed to.

Unfortunately I’ve said this way too many times now, but I wish I could give you thousands of fans and help you make a living creatively, but I’m just as perplexed as you guys are wondering why the hell nobody is listening. It sucks to watch something first hand that I’ve cared about for so long feel like it’s coming to an end because of the ruthless popularity game we call life.

I hope that you continue to make music occasionally and I still really want to hear a new full-length project from you, but I totally understand that it might be a while.. so don’t stress yourself out about it. Your music has made a large impact on my life and given me many memories which will never be forgotten, regardless of what the future holds so thank you.

You know what’s best for you better than anyone, so look after yourself.

Epic Aesthetic said:Thanks for the honest response Pack.


Epic Aesthetic said:
It sucks to watch something first hand that I’ve cared about for so long feel like it’s coming to an end because of the ruthless popularity game we call life.

This is the toughest part for me. I don’t want to live in a world with no new PackFM, Tonedeff, Cunning, Stan, etc music in my life. Is that selfish? You bet, but I can honestly say that they make music worth listening to, so it’s something I appreciate and look forward to. It’s obviously inevitable that at some point they are all going to exit out the music game. And I can’t blame them. Considering the lack of general support outside of the hardcore fans, it must be tough to keep giving your all to it.

I don’t want Pack to just do the project to do it ‘cuz he said he was putting it out on a certain date. I want it to music that he wants to make, and if at this time he isn’t able to do that, then I am more than happy to keep playing WDFMS4? and IFHR and all the other material in between he has released.

Thank you for the update, Pack.

I’m really sad to hear that you feel this way. I was really starting to look forward to hearing new music from you again, especially since I felt that you sounded more motivated and optimistic on the livestreams than I’ve heard you in a long time, but I certainly understand your situation.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t feel like the perfect time for you to rebuild your buzz and kick start your musical career. The Blueschoolers and especially these boards aren’t exactly at their peak; a lot of the core fans who would contribute a lot to the discussions in the past have disappeared from the boards and not enough people have taken over for them.

You are not the only one who feel the effect of this. Even CL who traditionally have created the biggest amount of buzz and attention on here is suffering from the lack of activity, and the thread for their latest release has only 38 posts after a month.

This situation has already been discussed elsewhere and I still don’t know what to make of it. I sincerely hope that it is just a phase that the community is going through and not an accurate reflection of the level of interest.

I don’t know what else to say other than this: I really hope to hear this project one day and I wish you all the best in your life and career, no matter what you choose to do from here.

Thank you being honest and straightforward about this whole situation.

haha this is the first thread thats gotten over 100 replies in my forum since 2011 Smile

Epic Aesthetic said:Unfortunately I’ve said this way too many times now, but I wish I could give you thousands of fans and help you make a living creatively…

Hey I DO make a living creatively, I sit around and play with adobe all day. I don’t want yall to think im sad and frustrated sitting in an office filling out tps reports wishing I could be rapping instead.

I’m actually pursuing another one of my passions and giving it all that I got. That’s a good thing to me.

If you’re a PackFM fan I encourage you to continue being one. I’m a HUGE Redman fan, and if he never decides to put out another record, I’ll be cool because I have his whole catalog to listen to still.

So listen to the music on, follow me on instagram @packfm and see pictures of my cats, Like my page on Facebook (PackFM) so you can hear about shows I’m doing here and there etc. And before you know it, there will be something new for you to check out.

I know you guys shitted (shat?) on kickstarter but after reading what you posted Pack, your situation seems like what kickstarter was made for. You (PackFM) feel that it’s not worth the time to work on new material because the financial return will not be there. The best way to know for sure is to do a kickstarter. Nothing to lose.

I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed by the news that The Speaker King isn’t coming out yet, but I’m definitely one for quality over deadlines.

Pack, thank you for the long message and explanation.
It’s a testament to you and a reminder of the quality of QN5 artists in general that you took the time to put your feelings into words and let us know where you are in an open and honest way. How many other artists do that?

I understand your situation and I wish you all the best. The fact that all things considered, you’re not looking to totally leave music behind - that’s the best news!
It goes without saying that you leaving would be a huge loss to not just QN5 but independent music as a whole.

Please focus on what you want to do, write rhymes when you’re in the mood and the day that Speaker King is ready, I’ll be buying it. In the meantime, I still love listening to IFHR and the recent quality of your work (verse on Lucky, Let’s Rap to name two…) are a sign that there’s more awesomeness to come, whenever it drops.

Have a great break over the holidays, New Year, and start 2015 focussed on what keeps you motivated and happy. Also, please keep up the Tacos & Chocolate Milk podcasts!

Numonic said:You (PackFM) feel that it’s not worth the time to work on new material because the financial return will not be there. The best way to know for sure is to do a kickstarter..

Running a successful kickstarter campaign takes a lot of time and energy that I’d rather use on other things

It really isnt about money, although i see how its easy to think it is.

I never did it for money, if i did, i woulda stopped like 15 years ago. I did it because the things that I gained from it was what I wanted in life.

10 years ago, before I put out WDFS4, my goal was to be able to make music and tour the world off of it. Not fame, not money. And those ambitions were enough to drive me, and I put everything I had into it.

Now I"m in a differernt place in life and the things that I want don’t come from rapping. 10 years from now I’d love to have my own digital agency and I want to put 100% into that.

So its not about how much money rap makes me, its what opportunities it costs me.

I’m not retiring from rapping, I just can’t commit to completing a full project right now.

We still love you, Pack.’ll still contribute to the eFamm follow-up though, right?

I understand Pack, it’s all good. What you said before sums it up.

” I just want to see how things turn out if i give my other ambitions the same amount of attention that I did with music.”

I just hope you don’t get that “I’m too old to rap feeling”

HoustonZ I think the Efamm project is going to be on hold as well which is sad because that’s my most anticipated QN5 release.

Numonic said:HoustonZ I think the Efamm project is going to be on hold as well which is sad because that’s my most anticipated QN5 release.

Admittedly, it’s been slow on the move, because of Polymer and the Bop Alloy stuff. But we’re definitely moving ahead with it still. I’m really excited about it, cause we’ve all grown as artists since HFYS and the beats are insanity.

houstonz’ll still contribute to the eFamm follow-up though, right?

He’d better, or we’re gonna have to shave his eyebrows as well. It’d make for a killer cover to the album.

Just had what I think is a hilarious idea.

What if the eFamm follow-up had a photo (insert art, cover art, press photo, whatever) of everyone and Pack’s wearing a shirt with Session’s face on it. A tribute of sorts.

I’m relieved to hear that this most likely won’t affect the eFamm project. That album needs to happen as soon as possible, especially considering how dope Lucky came out. In my humble opinion, Pack’s verse is his best since 2010 (IFHR and Luther).

Pack on fb:

#TBT I know I haven’t been active musically lately, but man I was going over the things me and my friends have done over the years and to me this pic says it all!

Nostalgia is a dangerous road—anyone who has backslid with a ex they hate knows this dance so well. First there is this tweet, then three months later there is ‘Check this, I did this remix in my spare time’, two months later there is ‘Mak Btchz is coming out with a new album I did this weekend’, one month later ‘I’m touring with Deacon this fall’, then two weeks after that ‘Speaker King is here.’