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General Discussion Music in 2013

Has anybody been listening to this?


Really good album. Black Radio won a grammy for best R&B album when it came out last year or the year before. This one has appearances from Jill Scott, Norah Jones, Common, and more.

Dopest christmas themed beat tape I ever heard(only 1 I know)...I can actually listen to this shit..

my favorites are Lonely Christmas ,Happiness,Give and Pum Pum ....Dont sleep for real..the beats are pretty dope

A nice album from yesteryear that I just came across.


Booda French - Club 27 Reservations

Bandcamp: boodafrench

I first heard Booda French on the Journeys album by Frankie Stew and Cuth. Dude is definitely worth checking out.

Last year I also came across a few dope albums from the previous year, even up until around the middle of the year. There’s so much hidden dope music out there.

Also just came across this nice one too.


Jason Isbell - “Southeastern”

You can stream it on his Soundcloud page: Jason-Isbell

Ha! I just realized these 3 songs share the same sample beat:

Cryptic One - Eternal Work In Progress
PJ Katz - Impeach the Preacher
Wax Triptych - Private Eye

Jason Isbell sounds like the kinda thing you hear on the Sons of Anarchy soundtrack, Numonic.

I don’t mean that in a bad way.Smile


While this thread is up I’d like to take the opportunity to post this release.


Ceschi - behind bars (figuratively) part 3

Bandcamp: Ceschi

This is a really dope compilation of Ceschi verses and songs. There are 3 of these and I think this is the best of the 3.

Edit: May 5th 2014

Came up on this album well in to the year 2014 but I felt I should mention it for those that revisit this thread for 2013 releases.


Charlie Patton’s War - “Charlie Patton’s War”

Bandcamp: charliepattonswar

Numonic said:it’s crazy how the cover of the last 3 dope hip hop releases had a woman on it being tortured some how. Sadistik - drowning, Tonedeff - cut up, Demigodz - chained up.

That’s pretty interesting actually. Hmmm…