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Tonedeff Why “Optimist” is my favorite song ever recorded

“Sometimes, I hate everyone to everything, to the world itself.”
We’ve all felt that way. That inherently dark feeling we all inevitably delve into at the worst of our own personal tragedies; not tragedy in the strict definition, but tragedy in the sense where you feel this may be the one event that truly ruins the soul of your existence. When you’re plagued by that particular darkness, there’s little one can do, and in some cases, that darkness may have scarred you deeply. You feel empty, betrayed, heartbroken, empty, or, most importantly, broken. This, my friends, is why a Tonedeff song may just be the best song ever created.

Artists have long tried to express the true feeling of unhappiness. Through art, music, writing, or film, many have attempted to encompass weariness. In art, writing, and film, certain artists have achieved that goal. In these three mediums, visuals have been essential; whether it be a perfectly crafted painting, a tragic scene in a film, or a sorrowful visual created by your imagination through writing.

This is where music faces a most unfortunate conflict; an art based on a listening ear as opposed to a watchful eye. The limitations of music are evident. This is not to say that music cannot be incredibly influential; we only need look at the works of any musician who have changed and shaped individuals and society. Mind you, music has constantly been restrained by genre. Folk has long dominated the realm of meaningful and thoughtful music, but today we have a different alternative. This, dear readers, is where I propose to you a concept I truly believe: no genre can provide the same sort of content in the length of a song as rap can.

Rap is essentially spoken word with a particular sort of delivery consistent with the beat that accents it. Now, rap has been taken in some awful directions that may have lessened its perceived value. Unfortunately, this has taken away from the artists who deserved to be recognized for their beautiful work with words. Tonedeff is a poet. If he had decided to dedicate himself to written word as opposed to rap, I have no doubts he would be a world renowned writer. He understands how to connect words in a beautiful way; a way that relates to the listener in a manner only a true wordsmith can.

I nominate “Optimist” as the best song ever crafted. Tonedeff begins the song by creating a connection to those feelings of inherent darkness as mentioned before, and compliments that connection with a constant stream of intelligently penned lines that most listeners can relate to. More importantly than that, he then reminds the listener of a hope we all have; the hope of happiness. Tonedeff encourages the listener to remind themselves that hard times, as miserable as they may be, have a potential of paying off as long as you commit yourself to sticking with whatever dreams you have. Did you catch the word “potential”? Exactly. Tonedeff’s honesty is what makes this the best song ever made.

Your dreams may fail. You may be awful. Whatever you wish to achieve, you may not. You may be happy with the awful, dreamless life you may be living in. Those negligent prospects, as complacent as you may have become with them, are promptly crushed by one of the most honest things a man has ever said: “Misery becomes something that’s comfortable.”

Tonedeff has made a song about the bout with sadness we all face at one point or another. Instead of just relating with the listeners (as many artists would be happy with), Tonedeff chooses to provide sentiments of beautifully spoken rhymes to uplift listeners in a conversational way that no self-help author could dream of accomplishing.

To the depressed, broken, and miserable listener, this song is more than perfect. It’s a solution.

Thank you, Tone,


This song has kicked me up the ass in some deep depressions.

Beautiful description. The song truly is something unique, and it has helped me a lot of times.

Hearing that song for the first time through headphones was amazing and then hearing it first time LIVE was fucking epic. One of my favorite songs of all time.

cosign everything above

For sure. Hearing this live at the Megashow a few years ago is an extremely poignant memory for me.