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Kno Kno should rap more

honestly man, you’re a dope rapper. obviously your more focused on producing, as you are the best producer of all time…. but seriously on SJV3 you should do some rapping, cuz man most of the shit you’ve spit is fucking dope.

I learned early in life that you shouldn’t do things just because you’re good at them, you have to find a balance between enjoyment and skill.

Thanks though, we’ll see!

I always get pissed when people say Kno isn’t a good rapper. His verse on Brain Cell is one of the best verses I’ve ever heard. I’ve never heard a wack Kno verse before. I always thought that as far as the DIS album goes his verses were all stellar or flawless. I always see this in reviews though: ‘‘Groundbreaking production but the verses weren’t up to par.’’ And than it gets only a 3 or 4/5. He also has a lot of variety as an MC. Such as humor, depth, anger etc.

Kno has so many amazing verses but his verse on ‘Black Dog’ from NWL is the shiz.

His flow on Black Dog was fucking nuts. I liked his Verse on Hard as they Come a lot too.

Kno you are and have been since I first heard you on SU one of my favorite rappers. Wish you enjoyed doing it more. But I understand you can’t force it.

Kno has said in past interviews that he only raps when he really has something to say, and I think that’s one one of the reasons Kno turns in such consistent verses. Look at his CL verses alone: Brain Cell, Hard As They Come, Get Ignorant, Embers. All of these are dense verses, usually full of double meanings. So I really don’t mind the infrequency of his verses, because when he finally does drop one, you know he always has something important to say.

Well looks like he might be doing another solo Smile

Fantastic news!
Kno’s verse on The Format is also a very good (and recent) example of how well he can rhyme, and what he can bring to a track vocally.

More solo stuff would be great!

Deacon The Villain said:That Phantom Limbs verse, tho…..

Right?? Shit is crazy!