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PackFM So, what does 30% mean?

Pack said on EP. 24 of Tacos & Chocolate Milk that The Speaker King is 30% done, and I’m wondering what that means. What does 100% mean? What percentage will it be at when it’s time to start running promo?

I’m trying to think of all the things that go into releasing a project, and from my understanding, making the music is the easy part. But does this mean all the beats are selected and tracks are planned/written? A few songs recorded? Is the artwork ready?

I assume 30% is just an arbitrary percentage and there’s not a meter like at the end of Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo to with an official number, but I’m curious about the work that goes into the creation process and at what point you start engines to prepare the album for release.

There’s no way to tell the percentage of an album’s release until after the album has released, then the artist can look back and say what part of the album releasing took the longest and what part took the shortest. 30% could be the album cover if 30% of the time from the conception of the album to the release of the album was spent getting the album cover done.

100% means that it’s in stores for you to purchase.

But yeah, the percentage can not be known until after the album has been released.

This isn’t Pack’s first release, so a comparison against 30% here versus 30% with whutduzFMstand4? or I Fucking Hate Rappers is a viable discussion. Sure, it’s all speculative, but what’s a message board for if not that?

And ain’t no way in hell 100% is in stores and for purchase. Otherwise, there’d be no shows, promotion, videos, interviews, or whatever else. Raising awareness within the confines of a budget and opportunity has to be part of the project.

That actually sparks another discussion I’d like to have. At what point do you go all in on the next project? When do you know you’ve exhausted all opportunities to promote the album, do interviews, and can decide you’ve done all you can with this record before going full-speed ahead on the next?

Well Pack’s most likely got a blueprint of everything. I’m assuming he already has all the beats and maybe he’s written 4 verses and recorded two and nothing is mixed and mastered yet. That could be his 30%, who knows