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PackFM PackFM on Wikipedia

After seeing the picture that Pack posted on FB about his Wikipedia being deleted back in 08, I checked it out and saw how it was basically just a copy-paste job of his QN5 bio and a nice discography. So, having taken classes in digital/wiki writing and having a job where I sit around and do nothing all day (hotel pool lifeguard), I created over the past week. It was good enough to get approved, but the reviewers seemed to really want more “reliable” sources, so if anyone has links to reputable magazines, websites, etc., and wants to either add them in to the wiki or just send them to me to place them, that’d be cool.

Off topic, but do you do freelance wiki work? If so hit me up mike at iacquire dot com.

This article may contain wording that promotes the subject in a subjective manner without imparting real information. Please remove or replace such wording and instead of making proclamations about a subject’s importance, use facts and attribution to demonstrate that importance. (January 2013)

The beginning paragraph should mention WDFS4 winning UGHH.coms album of the year in 2006 i think it was
and IFHR being in HipHop DX’s and 2DopeBoyz etc top 25 albums of 2010 instead of just “Critically Acclaimed”, i think thats what they talking about

How the hell do you find out indie rappers’ middle names?!

Dante- Good call, I’ll change that. Someone else already got out some of the “subjective” information as well.

Houstonz- I stole that tidbit from the deleted Wikipedia entry actually, I was wondering the same thing haha.

Trixx- Thanks!

Again, amazing work.

Again, off topic…ive drove 600 miles today for work and ive basically listened to nothing but ATCQ’s “Check the Rhyme” all day. Weird to see it pop up that it was an influence for Pack. I think thats the best flow Q Tip ever had, and thats saying something.

Mecca was in Extended F@mm?

nitpicking. Awesome job on it, tho… i learnt a lot by reading.

Pretty sure that’s a mistake. I don’t think Mecca was part of the Extended F@mm.

Good call, I removed it.