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PackFM Make it Bluer Vlog

Dont know if anyone has seen this yet but just saw this today

Any info you can share with us Pack?

ah yes make it bluer
if you’ve been following the podcast you’ll get the reference
but this project is actually totally non-packfm related
its a video blog i’ll be doing about graphic design
before now i pretty much kept all that stuff under wraps, im just starting to put myself out there in the webisphere like this
it will however need as much support as it can possibly get, so if you know anyone whos interested in design or just wanna hear some interesting funny little tidbits every now and then, head to and like the page to stay in the loop of when the series starts and when new episodes begin


lookin’ forward to this!

This looks awesome! The designs that are posted are really great, can’t wait to see the series.