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PackFM Plucking Daisies live in BK

Did a small guest appearance during Jonny October’s set at the Louis Logic show last night
Decided to do Plucking Daises since its Valentine Week.

Just a reminder to the folks, I still rap Smile


Nice thanks for posting Pack. I’ve never seen any of the Qn5 family perform live. I can’t wait to see all of you body shit at the megashow!!

Never seen a QN5 show live neither, I’ve seen tons of videos though. Wish I could attend the Megashow

Did I miss something and Megashow details/tickets came out or are you guys just talking about the Megashow in the future that’s been announced without a location or date yet?

there’s no info yet

PackFM shows are fun. Hope I have enough money and time off to see it again at the Megashow Smile