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Tonedeff :: Petition :: Lets get Filthy (XXX) into GTA5

Imagine walking into a strip club in that game and hearing ‘’...i wanna cum inside that ass girl…i wanna watch it creaming out…’’

Fuckin perfect!

So how can we campaign to make this happen?

And dont give me that bullshit saying its too filthy for a video game, cmon you can fuck prostitutes in it.

Saints Row IV. You kill people with dildos, son!

Lmao thats right, well lets divide and conquer and petition both!

theKOSMOS said:divide and conquer

Mob on em ride till’ their life’s are contra’d

That’s how we do it.

JLee said:Saints Row IV. You kill people with dildos, son!

Saints row also has uncut music

Tim’s gotta know somebody that knows somebody. haha

Probably too late, this game is finished.

TrixxIzHere said:Probably too late, this game is finished.

They’re still working in it. If it was finished it would be coming out much sooner than september

JLee said:Saints Row IV. You kill people with dildos, son!

I second this. God… Why do I love that game so much ;_;

How do we do this?

I’m thinking blue schoolers can bomb the developers email accounts and use twitter/facebook to link the song from youtube.

Anyone know how to go about getting those emails?

There’s a higher likelihood of getting filthy into saints row 4 but THQ just went bankrupt and volition, inc (main developer) website is down at the moment.

Ivan Pavlovich - Rockstar’s Music Supervisor

Josh Kessler did SR3
and this is his company:
whether or not he’s also working on Saints Row IV, no idea.

Ivan Pavlovich doesnt have a facebook or twitter account wtf?

OK here’s the contact info for Saints Row developer Volition.

I just sent them a message letting them know adding filthy to the game would make it a thousand times better. So start flooding that inbox with requests and lets make this happen!

Just sent a message. Blue schoolers, do what you do best!

I just sent one as well. That would be amazing if this worked

Bump! Lets spread the word guys n gals

Nice, yeah it got people talking and they also think it would be great for GTAV. Someone even posted that rockstar contact link i was looking for earlier.

I just sent them a request

Sent a message for Saint’s Row the IV. God I hope Filthy gets put in that game…

Whoever decided to put in a Mad Decent station that’s hosted by Riff Raff in Saints Row IV should be getting a bonus and a half for that.

Shame we can’t get Tone’s radio DJ persona in there for some hilarity though :/

JLee said:Shame we can’t get Tone’s radio DJ persona in there for some hilarity though :/

I actually think that would have been a better suggestion. There’s tons of good examples of Tone’s “announcement/presenter” voice and he’d be hilarious (the new Lazlow?).