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Tonedeff Tonedeff’s favorite songs/musicians?

I was just a bit curious if anyone had a list of Tonedeff’s musical inspirations or just musicians he likes to listen to in his spare time. Anyone know? Tonedeff, any comments? I’m always open to checking out good music.

I know Tori Amos is a big one. More specifically, the album “Under the Pink”

I think 2 chainz is his favorite rapper

JTX said:I think 2 chainz is his favorite rapper

hahahaha…. ya definitely Wink

still laughing at that…. but in seriousness, isn’t Q-Tip another one…? feel like he mentioned that on a TACM episode a while back, can’t remember though….

common i believe

DJ Shadow, Radiohead, and I think Bjork make the list too..

He also regularly posts stuff he’s listening to on twitter/here: