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PackFM Yo this dude Pack is dope a rapper

Pack was complaining about lack of content in this section so here ya go smile

Yeah man. Packman killed it. *ice-T voice*


“So I rock til the last hour like I’m Jack Bauer!”

I’m surprised that “Fuck You Mean” isn’t very popular and that they didn’t really expect “Kilt It” to be as well-received as it is. I’ve secretly loved it more than “Stomp” all these years. But don’t tell nobody.

I actually never really liked Kilt it until a year or two back.

Don’t think I mentioned it on the forums, but I’m teaching the Mrs. about QN5 and we had a PackFM day a little while back. Realised that it was the first time I’d listened to WDFMS4 front-to-back since like 2007. Also listened to it on much better speakers than I ever had before. And even though I’ve ALWAYS loved that album, I was blown away by how cohesive it is.