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Deacon The Villain Deacon the Villian and The Remnant “Summer Dog Days”

Last week the Cunninlynguists face book posted some info about a project Deacon is involved in with a trio named The Remant called “Indian Summer” that is expected to drop this month. The first single called “Summer Dog Days” is really fuckin dope and Deacon does an incredible job producing the track.

Based on the Facebook post it looks like its possible Deacon is producing the entire project. Idk though… It says “Lead single from the homies The Remnant produced by Deacon the Villian. Check for their album “Indian Summer” dropping next month”. THEIR could mean Deacon and The Remnant. Or it could mean “their” as in just The Remnant because there are 3 members. Either way it seems like a promising project.

I don’t remember where I saw it, but I think he said, he produced one more track on the album.

Track is dope. The only reason why Deacon isn’t generally recognized as a top class producer, is the fact that he is in a group with the best one on the planet. I can’t wait to hear more beats from him on Natti’s forthcoming album (hint hint)

He said on twitter or instagram (i forgot which) that he produced two tracks on the LP.

Cool. Thanks guys. I’m definitely going to check this out whenever it drops. I need to get back on checking twitter. You get a lot of inside scoop that way.

Deacon is still one of my producers in hip hop and this track only solidifies it. I do agree with the statement of Kno being the best producer on the planet but Deacons production on NWL and tracks like this do not get the proper amount of recognition. But yeah the song is incredible.

I got a chance to listen to this album a couple times today. The other song Deacon produced called “Withering Heights : The difference between you and I” is even more dope then the first one IMO. The whole album is pretty good really. These guys can rhyme there asses off.

Go listen to it:

Also heres an interview that Dead End Hip Hop did with The Remnant where they reflect on what it was like working with Deacon. It’s a long interview so I just cued it up at the end when they start talking about DTV.

Totally forgot about this project, thanks for reminding me. “Withering Heights” is dope!