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General Discussion Favorite albums of 2013 so far

Numonic said:

The Trashman said:haha yeah Blake, I always mix those up.

MAK is comedy, I don’t think there’s anything else on my list that comes close.

Also, I meant to mention the Cam’Ron mixtape was one of my favorites.

I’m revisiting that James Blake album now and wow! I always knew the album was dope and I’ve said so before when it dropped but with so much dope music dropping this year I don’t think I gave it a proper listen because it is sounding better than ever right now. I feel I’ll be living in the year 2013 for a while with all the dope releases that year.

Same on the revisiting, it’s in my car right now. You’ll notice I had to bump it up to the #2 overall spot. It’s amazing, that track with RZA might be my song of the year or close to it.

Upon revisiting releases from 2013, this one has been the most enjoyable to revisit even though it’s a mix of old original songs and samples (new to me though) but I love every single song on this, and it has the song Kno sampled for Remember Me (Abstract/Reality) on it. One of the best mixes I’ve ever heard. I could actually see Kno using any of the songs on here for tracks. I think they’re all up his alley.

Actually this is the description from the soundcloud page:

“Heaven and hell re-edits, remixes and blends with drum heat, freight train-dust and town hall-blues for your frosty seasonal transitions.All mix arrangement, master/mixdowns, re-edits, drum programming, additions and remix elements by Buddy Peace.”


Buddy Peace - “I’m OK YR OK”

soundcloud: buddypeace