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General Discussion Hip hop with strings and/or piano

I LOVE STRINGS AND PIANO IN HIP HOP. Seriously, I’m a sucker for it. It’s part of the reason I love Tone’s music so much, because we share this love.

I’m thinking strings like All Of The Lights Interlude, Sunrise, the end of Runaway etc. Those powerful, organic strings.

Piano like Hit-Boy’s “She Belong To The City”, Tone’s “Porcelain” (I freaking love that track), Bop Alloy’s “Still Think Different”, Peter Anthony Red’s “Water” etc.

Songs combining these things are my favorite though, and at the very top of EVERYTHING, I put the “1000 Ships” beat on the hidden CATM. It’s simply the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.

Can anyone recommend me some songs which makes good use of strings and/or piano? I figured it’d be a good way to be introduced to new artists that’s in my lane.

PS: Check out Hey Mama live Grammy Performance by Kanye on youtube. The remsde beat and the singing he does gives me chills, oh shit it’s beautiful.

Check out Lindsey Sterling and/or Miri Ben-Ari. - Miri Ben-Ari with Scarface - Lindsey Sterling (She is more electro than hip hop, but still good in my opinion)

Ceschi - Shorted Circuits. About his grandmother that passed. Also Ceschi - “One Man Band Broke Up” album. I think you might like those. All of those produced by DJ Scientist.

Check out Black Violin.

Last Emperor - One Life


From what I can remember Overcast! by Atmosphere has a shitload of keys and strings in it. ANT is a beaaaast

My Notes by Atmosphere is fantastic. Ant knows how to use piano. I checked out that Emperor joint, it’s really, really good. Just what I was looking for. I’ll check out Ceschi and Black Violin tomorrow.

Some sick violins on the classic Wu-Tang Clan song “Reunited”.

Scarface “Git Out My Face” off of the album MADE. That song has some ridiculous strings in it.

This album is full of strings. Plus there’s a track with DTV

I don’t see much mention of Input here in the forums. But check out Life and Death, Old Fashioned, Out of Tune, Move. Nothing too complex but definitely dope in my eyes. Also Spirits Fly. Its about his experience at columbine so it has that raw emotion.

I am in the same boat as you Porsborg. I love hip hop beats with strings and piano. Particularly spanish guitar beats or smooth piano beats.

Some of my favorite songs usually have piano beats.

Tonedeff- Porcelain
Tonedeff- Masochist
Nas- New York State of Mind 2
Jay z- Feelin it

etc. Too many to list.

Hilltop Hoods - The Hard Road Restrung is friggin awesome

dessa’s the chaconne is literally a story about a lonely violinist

Optimist has real strings on it.

Mr. SOS - “The Balance” has real strings as well.

QN5 said:Optimist has real strings on it.

Mr. SOS - “The Balance” has real strings as well.

And that is exactly why Optimist is among my favorite songs of yours. It can put a smile on my face any day.