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Substantial [FREE DOWNLOAD] FANOMM “Pour It Up” (Rihanna Cover)

Peep the latest track from my group, FANOMM (Chew Fu + J-Cast + Substantial). For those who don’t know, years ago, Chew Fu did an OFFICIAL remix version of Rihanna’s ‘Rated R’ album. Now we present our cover of her recent hit song, “Pour It Up” over a upbeat “refix” by Chew, with vocals by J Cast, Substantial and guest, Tigr.

Peep my lyrics below:
Four star Telly in a foreign city / Four course meal, chauffeured in a Bentley / Grand on a bottle ain’t spend one penny / Really (I still got my money) / HQ vids we do it smarter / Mil. on your album, but mine sound harder / Funded by the fans all via kickstarter*/ Partner (I still got my money) / Been around the world, only paid two trips / Around 20 countries, I spit too sick / Too slick, indy hustle movement, not rich / But (I still got my money) / Hustle for the family, not for stuntin’ / Y’all customers, y’all ain’t saying nothin’ / Stack my bread for the kid and the woman / That’s why (I still got my money)

Money on my mind, no price on my head / Want a slice of the bread then you better be sharp / So they’ll bring you back now rise from the dead / Eyes sorta red cause I’m all heart / Make more money then get more free shit / More bullshit than I ever needed / Meanwhile peeps is sleeping on cement / I’m chasing more they just wanna live decent / Wasting what they’re needing / while they’re barely even eating / I just ball out for no reason / Like my motto’s fuck your feelings / Maybe I am just a heathen / living for this very moment / Walk thru my whole life sleeping waiting for my eyes to open!

Here’s to refusing to be put in a box until the day we rest in one… CHEERS! Enjoy and stay tuned for more FANOMM, Bop Alloy & show updates (QN5 Megashow 8/16).

Substantial said:Here’s to refusing to be put in a box until the day we rest in one… CHEERS!

Cheers that!

I figured I’d like this song, but I fucking LOVE this song. Good work.
Thanks for the lyrics.


Damn, Stan! Veddy nice. Extra props on the second verse.