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General Discussion QN5 Fantasy Football 2013

Are we doing one this year?
If so who’s admin? I have an idea to make it really interesting this year.

Hit me up!

I’ll join.

Go for it Hass, I don’t have time to commish this year

If we get enough people to do it sure!

I’m in a league already but I’d be down to do another

If you make it and post the info…they will come! Tell me your idea to make it cool. I think we did 3 IDP players last year for the first time and it was PPR.

I would like a 2QB league, those are fun.

I’m in if someone takes the reins on this.

You know I’m in Hass. Get it started…two weeks to go!!

Just set it up on Yahoo, that’s the site we’ve always used.

Let’s do this shit! I’d really not wan’t to have to deal with a draft… something with auto-pick would be preferable for me.

So since I was commish last year, I renewed the league and invited everyone back from last year. It was just easier this way.

Once people join I am going to pass commissioner priviledges to someone else (I’m hoping).

So join up quickly, we need to set a draft date! No auto-picking, you can set your pre-rankings if you don’t want to draft with us.

Hey guys, if you got an invite and want to join, please do so.

If you didn’t get an invite and want to join please post your e-mail address.

I’ve changed the settings to be a basic standard league, no IDP, no PPR. Just standard scoring.

Anyway if you want to join and have not already received an invite then please post your email here!

V Sounds good, thanks man

^ Invited. You can delete your email address from this thread after you get the invite, in case you’re worried about spambots.

Edit. V thanks

Invited ^.

I have to clear out teams from last year to invite new people. I am trying to guess at who will and who won’t be back so just let me know if anyone has trouble getting signed up and I can get it straightened out.

Need at least 4 more teams!

Well trashman i wanted to change it up this year.. i wanted to do a ESPN league plus a pool for money and a legit trophy to pass down every year. if people are interested in that let me know i can have the league up by sunday ready to go..

Sure go for it, I will close my league. Time is ticking.

yeah season starts soon. I’m in, but get the details up asap.

Get on it Hass…Sunday’s over. We’ve got 10 days before the season starts!!

Prophessah Nino said:Get on it Hass…Sunday’s over. We’ve got 10 days before the season starts!!


Everyone email me at

So I can send mass emails to you all

Also there is a 25$ buy in


^ thats the trophy

Lets get it going what should the draft date be?

Also Trashman would you like to co-commish with me?

(sorry it took so long i didnt have my computer this weekend)

is there really a $25 buy in haha

yeah making it interesting.

Did anyone invite the friggin champ?

So is this a 3 man league? LOL.

Seriously.. where the people at?

Just sent an email