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General Discussion Wacklemore

Wait, are you saying you’re against women’s rights and equality and stuff?


oops wrong thread.

There are many types of trolls, sadly I think this guy actually believes what he’s saying to a degree but he can only express it in this exaggerated manner.

What’s the point of it though?

Epic Aesthetic said:What’s the point of it though?

The point is to say some outlandish shit just to get a reaction from people. Normally people who troll have the mentality of a high school kid at best.

Epic Aesthetic said:What’s the point of it though?

The point of trolling?

Self-pleasure in causing chaos and fuckery. They may not actually believe anything they’re saying or be completely apathetic, they just wanna get people riled up.

It’s weird.

People are weird.

The funny thing is, when a person “trolls”- people actually react and get riled up over nothing (i.e. most posts above). It’s almost like getting offended when someone says your favorite sports team sucks.. means nothing. But you still get bent outta shape and call the person a hater or a troll because you can’t accept someone having an opinion or word that doesn’t line up with you and yours.

I used to be an active member on this forum, years ago under another name of course. One people actually liked and agreed with. But, I noticed back then if someone was a little off, different, or they might’ve been new on here - the whole forum (artists included) would jump on ‘em for speaking their mind.

Years later - nothing’s changed. Same forum dinosaurs hanging around a stagnate labels website… waiting 10 years, maybe more for albums to drop - In the mean time talking about tv, video games and movies in 2013 (can’t wait for the 2014 threads). Lucky the moderators didn’t shut the general discussion section down again, cause this forum would die and you’d have to talk to actual people in real life about these things. Anyway, be easy now. I’m done trolling

Hi Reuben said: I’m done trolling


I’m sorry Reuben

It seems something/someone here has hurt your feelings Reuben. Why else would you spend your personal time reading/trying to bait members of a forum who you don’t actually like?

You try to qualify yourself and your thoughts by demonstrating your knowledge of the forums and claiming that you were ‘liked’ here. Then you try and belittle the members and leave (what I assume you thought was) your gut punch by insulting the community and the artists.

Nobody has fallen for your illusion, nobody here respects or likes you. Your opinion that started the thread is worthless because you never qualified it. Your ‘fuck you’ exit strategy is also worthless because it’s contradicted at it’s core: if you don’t like this place, why do you keep coming back? If your life is so important, then don’t you have something better to do?

You obviously keep checking this forum and you can’t help but try and have the last word. So go away and never come back if you’d like to prove me wrong. Or have another jibe if you want to show everyone just how sad and insecure you really are.

Kind of annoyed at them getting all the Grammys when you know it was fixed because the rap committee didn’t even want him nominated. Disrespectful to the genre, cause he’s good but no way the best. I’m really hoping he didn’t just get them all because he made a rap song in support of LGBTs. I didn’t really listen to the album.

Who was he even up against though?

I saw him win over Kendrick in the New Artist category, though I really don’t even see either of them as new artists and figured that could’ve gone either way. Didn’t both of their records come out in 2012? Anyway.. what other popular rap, besides Kendrick Lamar, could actually be arguably better than Wings, Neon Cathedral, Make The Money, etc..?

My vote for new artist out of the nominees is James Blake. I was surprised to see him nominated. I knew he made some noise but didnt know it was that big. Glad he was nominated.

Even though I only just now heard of Kacey Musgraves, I’m glad she won.

If it means a few more people find CunninLynguists through their collaboration with Macklemore then I guess I’m okay with it. It’s also pro-indie artists, so that’s cool. Kendrick got robbed though.

Jay winning any awards or accolades for that steaming pile of shit called Holy Grail is a much bigger crime. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis definitely belonged in the rap category though.

I’d be interested to know how many people say they came to know CunninLynguists through Macklemore.

Numonic said:I’d be interested to know how many people say they came to know CunninLynguists through Macklemore.

I first heard of them in The Source believe it or not. I’m sure it happens.