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General Discussion At what age do men stop getting BJs

Had this debate witha friend today. Anyone know?

Nope. Nor do I want to.

I’m 23 and ignant.

Not age 27, I’m entering my BJ getting prime.

The Trashman said:Not age 27, I’m entering my BJ getting prime.

lmao!.... I’d hope the answer was never… That’s my assumption anyway… plus once you’re married and 85 and the Mrs. can take those teeth out…. ooooooooh yaaaaaaa

but unfortunately for some guys I bet it ends when they get married

I’d be getting divorced.

>This Thread

10/10 Made my morning.

Never if you’ve got hookin money.

im waiting for the dentures to come out and get the ultimate gummer

With just the right combination of ugliness, low self confidence, social anxiety, and general goofy demeanor, 22!! Smile

^ A young George Costanza

Why would you want to stop getting BJs? its like a whole other different wet area that ages differently than the basement