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Tonedeff We need to get Tone back on the Arsenio Hall Show

Don’t know about y’all, but I was unaware that Tone got kinda jerked on the Arsenio Hall Show’s Flavor of the Future talent contest until he told the full story on the latest podcast, Ep. 46, 55:40.

Apparently one of the prizes for winning the contest, which he tied for first place, was a meeting with a top executive. He never got this meeting and was given the run-around when he tried calling them back.

We need to petition to get Tone back on the show! Fuck a meeting with an executive. Performing as a guest on the show now would be huge.

I can honestly see this happening with enough support. I see stuff like this blow up on reddit quite often, if presented right. It could make for a good enough story to appeal to the talent coordinator or someone that could make that decision. So long as we don’t make it sound like we’re attacking them. The title pretty much writes itself, it’s been almost exactly 20 years!

Let me know your thoughts on this and I can get the petition started.

I’m up for it.

Haha I like it. I’m down to help.

The sentiment is definitely appreciated, but as stated on the podcast… I’m not concerned with the “meeting with a top hollywood executive”.

It would be cool to perform on his re-launched show, as a means of added exposure, but the last thing I’d ever want is to start some sort of embittered “Tonedeff got jerked” campaign. That would really make me look like an embittered blowhard having to splash everyone else in the pool trying to get an appearance. (And honestly, after the Lollapalooza mess, it would be 100% counter-productive).

If heads wanna tweet at him with my name as a guest suggestion, go for it - but by no means should they include any negativity. It should be more about exposing the new music and seeing a dope performance than it is about some random ass meeting with some nameless person I didn’t get 20 years ago. Feel me?


^Word. That’s pretty much what I was thinking. Presenting it in a negative way would pretty much kill any chances of getting on the show. I was thinking more along the lines of spinning it in a way to gain some traction.

I am down for getting good old tone back into the show. Damn man… I can’t believe you did all that at 15… That is really motivating me to go out and do something with my life. Smile

We gonna get you back on the show!!! It’s gonna happen!!

i’m not on twitter but maybe suggest it like a throwback thursday type thing or a “where are they now” segment…?

That performance was live as hell.

He should definitely go to the show, in character, as Trapazoyd.

^pack would probably kill him for doing something like that hahaha.

A Peter Anthony Red song featuring Trapazoyd lol. That would be awesome.