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General Discussion Current events

Government shutdown, affordable care act, biker gang vs. suv, D.C. police chase, miley cyrus twerking, whatever you want to discuss, etc.

Let’s put it this way… people aren’t getting any smarter lol.

F the government.
F Miley Cyrus (in her raw chicken breast booty).

I really don’t keep up with current events, I was following the Syria situation for a while. But after all the reading I did, I couldn’t make heads or tails of the proper solution. Assad is an evil fuck, but if he were to be overthrown the extremist Muslim regime would probably seize power.

Our government shutdown is just annoying, especially since its costing money. I refuse to vote again until this 2 party bullshit system is gone. Obama sucks ass. He’s not the worst president or anything, but he’s nothing like the person I thought I was voting for in 2008. I’m getting so sick of normally reasonable liberals STILL trying to stick up for him. These are people I respect, but it’s embarrassing for them now. I am as against the left now it seems as I am against the right. Manipulation and lies all around.

The Trashman said: Manipulation and lies all around.

That is why I don’t keep up with politics at all. Every time I try to educate myself and get into what’s going on in the realm of politics I can’t help but think, “Is this really the truth?”. It ends up turning me off to the whole politics game.