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I’m a fairly grown-ass man but have never really taken the time to research diff credit cards and which are better… (rewards, interest rates, etc)

Any blue schoolers wanna give some financial advice!?

Get one with rewards
2% groceries, gas and so on
1% on everything else

Capital One has been good to me for the years i have had them. Also make sure you pay off in full every month if you can. Try to find one with no annual fee. As long as you pay it off you shouldn’t have to worry about interest rates.

dont get one…. hahah. cash is king brotha.

capital one is good cuz they have 1 year without APR but then obv it skyrockets to i think like 16-20%. Like daya said pay in full NEVER HAVE A BALANCE.

take it from an attorney, credit cards should be used solely as an emergency or the purpose of hotel stays haha.

yeah i’ve never gotten one mostly cuz i didnt want the hassle, but i’m good at managing my debt and not spending what I don’t have—I just wanna take advantage of rewards points and stuff.

Is American Express like the bastard child, or is that a legit card to go for?

Yeah I would say if you’ve gone this far without getting one, keep going. I got a credit card from Capitol One and it was a ripoff due to the interest. Now I have one from my bank which I used to pay off the Capital One card but now it’s maxed out. I have a few other cards which I only use in case of emergency and then I pay off right away.

My goal is to pay off my credit card and then never really use them much anymore. I would recommend not going with American Express because it’s not accepted many places. Discover is one I’m not sure about because it’s accepted more places but still Visa and Mastercard are the main two.

I agree with the above, get one that does cash rewards, and always pay off the balance. I use it for gas/groceries mainly. I have the cash to pay for that stuff from my checking account, but get bonus points for using the cc instead. Also find one that can make temporary cc #‘s. That’s good for ordering from online sources you may not trust other wise (or even for the Amazon’s etc). You basically have it create a temporary cc #, you give it a limit (say you are about to buy something for $50, you can have only $50 put on it) and you can have any expiration date (Bank of America is 2 month minimum).

As for American Express, they tend to be the most consumer friendly cc (or at least that’s what I heard). However, they have higher merchant fees to cover those extra services they provide (such as better insurance on purchases), but that is why it is not widely accepted.