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Tonedeff New Tonedeff Music Videos ...

Love the look on the guitar player’s face!!!

Epic Aesthetic said:I have to say that as much as I clearly love Polymer - it’s so refreshing to see Tone having fun and being silly again. It’s been too long. Tonedeff needs to do more comedy inspired music - be it Trapazoyd, EFamm or whatever. Takes me back to why I ended up here in the first place.


Make Music Fun Again

Guitar player is priceless, but the woman on the right has the funniest expressions in the video. Every time she leans into it, I crack up. Trust.

I love that somehow there’s no part of this video that even seems that sexualised - even the twerking is disarmed by Tone’s ridiculous expressions. The girls, despite seeing it through in all it’s thrusting, ice cream-dripping glory.. Have a look of timid cuteness, innocence even. This video had every right to be disasterous and it’s not in the slightest.

^ Yep. Tone said in a bit for Impose Magazine ( that he wanted to display how people will sing along to anything no matter the content. The ladies nailed it.