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Tacos & Chocolate Milk Podcast Tone’s Tranny Tale

Episode 19
The idea is born when, while listening to the whimsical music for the first time, Tonedeff announces “Touching myself thinking about Pack’s wife.”

Episodes 20-22 (Prelude)

And slowly she removed her panties, and placed them into his mouth. Shoving, shoving, shoving, until the gagging was heard.
“Yes,” she said, “swallow my filthy drawers.”
And so he began to undress the woman. Going down ever so slightly, and then noticing, she had a cock. As the man gasped from excitement, and fear, he saw that his new lady boy was not what he expected. At which point he pulled a monkey wrench out, and said, “What? Can I get in?”

Episodes 24-33 (Woman, Squirrel, and Superman)

“I’m not entirely sure where I am right now,” said the woman.
“You’re on my cock,” said the tranny.
“Fine, we have a deal. Here’s 20 dollars,” said the woman. The tranny said, “I’m only 10 dollars, for you.”
“Thank you so much for giving me this discount, Tranny,” the woman said.
“No doubt, bitch. Now get on my knees and lick my toes. Here’s some toe nail paint, while you’re down there.” Suddenly, the Tranny pauses, and looks at a tree, seeing a squirrel. The Tranny says, “I want to fuck that squirrel.”

“So where were we?” The woman said, “Why are you having sex with an animal in the park?” She said to the tranny. The tranny said, “I like people to watch when I fuck squirrels. It’s a thing I got.”

Suddenly, Superman appeared from the heavens to the Tranny, the squirrel, and the woman. He pulls out his penis from his super-underoos, super-roos, and says, “Can you ladies help me?” To which the Tranny says, “which one of us is the lady?”
“It doesn’t matter,” Superman says.

“Ooh, that feels so good,” Superman said.
“Ow I can’t feel my eyes anymore,” the tranny said.
“Woah! What do I do with this squirrel? It’s going crazy!” The lady said.
“I’m just trying to get this nut,” the squirrel said.

“All over your face,” Superman says.
“Oh my god you killed him!” says the Tranny.
The woman says, “That was my pet squirrel you son of a bitch!”
Superman says “I’m sorry ladies, when I cum, I cum hard.”

Thanks mane! Just continued the story on the #52 (dropping shortly).