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General Discussion Music in 2014

My favorites from the year, in no particular order:

Tonedeff - Hunter
Bop Alloy - Another Day in the Life Of
Sadistik - Ultraviolet
Run the Jewels - RTJ 2
PRhyme - PRhyme
Ghostface Killah - 36 Seasons
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Pinata
Dilated Peoples - Directors of Photography
Flying Lotus - You’re Dead!

Good year for music, imo. Really looking forward to releases in 2015, especially out of the Qn5 camp/affiliates: Cold Winter, Polymer, Kno Solo, Kno + Sadistik EP, Deacon Solo, those new Substantial projects, Extended Famm, etc.

I’m actually surprised to admit that Sadistik’s Ultraviolet was probably my most listened to album of the year. I’d always found his voice and cadence infuriating in the past to the point that I’d claimed that great production was wasted on him. I couldn’t listen to FFMF properly because I found him so irritating and couldn’t help but imagine other rappers over the beats.

This album really converted me though. The drugged-out, psychedelic production really complimented his voice and lyrics - taking the listener on a literal trip through Sadistik’s inebriated perspective. Not only did his style make more sense here, but it was far from the whiniest of his efforts making it a lot more accessible. The album was just generally dark and weird and awesome.

Epic that makes perfect sense, if you didn’t like his cadence and voice on FFMF, you’d probably like UV. I however loved his cadence and voice on FFMF so naturally I was disappointed with UV. You know how the saying goes: “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and vice versa”, not that UV is trash to me, just a significant step down from FFMF to me. I’m hoping to get a return of FFMF Sadistik for his next release and I’m sure you’ll want UV Sadistik. At least now we both have something to look forward to from Sadistik.

In other news, I’m glad Tommy V released a new album for the end of the year. I’m really enjoying it, hope others are too.

good list silbz… we have a lot of similarities.

10 favorite albums:

>Sadistik - Ultraviolet
>CunninLynguists - SJV3
>Run the Jewels 2
>Submotion Orchestra - Alium
>L’Orange - Orchid Days
>Curtis Harding - Soul Power
> DJ Premier & Royce 5’9 - PRhyme
>Hassaan Mackey & Kev Brown - That Grit
>Flying Lotus - You’re Dead!

*Honorable mention to Mac Miller’s mixtape Faces. The production on it is outstanding. There were around 25 tracks totaling about an hour, and a half originally. After I cut it down to 14 tracks at a little under an hour (I call it Facelift Razz )it’s honestly in my top 5. I was really surprised, but I can’t get enough of this drug induced mixtape with some amazing lyricism. I’ll give it the #10 spot because it’s too good not to be in my top 10, but having to cut 1/3 of the tracks definitely knocks it down a bit.

(Most disappointing release was easily SBTRKT’s wonder where we land. I expected that to be top 10 easily, but instead wasn’t even in my top 25… )

5 Favorite EPs

>CunninLynguists x The Grouch x Eligh - The WinterFire EP
>Tonedeff - Hunter
>Ugly Heroes EP
>Epidemic - Soulution EP
>Pete Flux & Parental - Traveling Thought

*I still need to listen to Bonobo’s Flashlight EP. I also need to get a good listen in for Fjer’s EP. I got the physical, and my gf quickly snagged it up and put it in her car haha

Other than everything you guys have already posted I found this guy recently. Not sure if he’s been mentioned on here before?

360 - Utopia

Just realized James Blake dropped an EP this year. Haven’t heard it yet though, listening to all the flawless albums that dropped this year and I’m on Tonedeff’s “Hunter” right now.

Actually it’s an EP of James Blake showcasing his production side, not singing. Not really feeling it but loved his album last year and looking forward to the one he’s releasing in 2015. Love his voice.

Merry Christmas!


Christmas in Macellonien 

by Hector Macello

Bandcamp: hectormacello

” Dear Hector Macello Records supporters, following our annual X-mas tradition, we would like to thank all of you for your love and support by giving you something special to put under the X-mas tree: a brand new instrumental album fully packed with unreleased instrumentals by Brenk Sinatra, Fid Mella, Mainloop, Clefco, Max Fisher and Lippp for free!”

I gotta say even though I love Royce and Premier I didn’t expect to like Prhyme as much as I did. I thought it was one of the best things either of them have done in a very long time.

Numonic said:
I came across another dope instrumental album from a producer also from PA.


Bmbu - “reBuilder”

Bandcamp: bmbu

Revisited this album after not hearing it since around the time it dropped. Mad dope, what’s better is that I just found out dude dropped another EP this year.


Bmbu - “The C.R.A.T.E Escape”

Bandcamp: bmbu

Soundcloud: bmbu

Dope producer.

Totally forgot to list the L’Orange album Orchid Days, thanks for the reminder SCRATCHINlikeDJS. I also noticed you put the Hasaan Mackey & Kevin Brown album in your top; is that worth checking out?

That dude I mentioned earlier around Halloween, Figure recommended this. For fans of Figure you’ll like this, tv & movie sample heavy.


Midnight Tyrannosaurus - “Midnight Snacks Vol. 1”

Bandcamp: midnighttyrannosaurus

Soundcloud: midnighttyrannosaurus

This shit is crazy.

Revisited this instrumental album, mad dope.


Cryptic One - “Cryptstramentals 6”

Bandcamp: crypticone

nobody else gunna drop their top ten itt?

Just came across this band thanks to a mutual fan of Son Little. This album was released back in September in Europe and on iTunes Europe and officially releases in the USA on January 6th, 2015. Really nice rock music.


Catfish and the Bottlemen - “The Balcony”

Also came across this band and EP that’s pretty dope too.


Dreamers - Dreamers EP

Soundcloud: dreamersjoinus

Numonic said:I mentioned this band a couple times this year and they just released a new album a couple days ago. The band is called St Tropez and the album is self titled. Hopefully the CD that was at their album release party goes up for sale online soon but for now you can find the full album on amazon. You can also listen and be blown away by the 3 tracks from the album that are on their soundcloud page.


St Tropez - “St Tropez”

Edit: This is available to stream in full on Spotify.

Album up on amazon with samples of all the tracks.

Also soundcloud: st-tropez

Also they may update their bandcamp: danceinsttropez

Bandcamp name also the same as their Facebook name

Sttropezoakland dot com

They are dope.

Revisiting this amazing album and you can listen to it in full on YouTube: St Tropez

SCRATCHINlikeDJS said:nobody else gunna drop their top ten itt?

Yeah. Here’s mine:

If you’re in California you should catch Giant Gorilla Dog Thing on tour in January. The Fuck Snow California Tour. They dropped one of the best albums this year which also featured QN5’s own Kokayi. They dropped a new song to promote the tour.



Giant Gorilla Dog Thing & Benn Grim - “Fuck Snow”

Bandcamp: pigfoodrecords

Also new Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods dropped before the ball did. I really like the one they released early in 2014 and this is good too.


Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods - “Time Travelers II LP”

On Jenova 7’s website

Happy New Year!


Little Demon On The Back Seat

by Gregory McKillop

Bandcamp: gregorymckillop

Another New Years Eve release.

Good to see I’m not the only one loving Prhyme

The Trashman said:Good to see I’m not the only one loving Prhyme

Kind of got that feeling when the video for the song “Kathleen” by Catfish and the Bottlemen played on MTVU as I was listening to their newly released in USA album The Balcony. Well it was more like shock because I almost never see music I like played. Checked them on twitter and they have quite a large following. Makes me kind of hip, not that I care though. I love the music and that’s all that matters.

To speak of the Prhyme album, I gave it a listen and wasn’t feeling it.

Did anyone listen to the Imogen Heap album from 2014, Sparks?

I think this song is beautiful:

The Trashman said:Good to see I’m not the only one loving Prhyme

Best album that Royce has put out along with Death is certain…. but maybe even better. I don’t think hes at his best on a technical level but its the best overall album hes put out to me. DJ Premiers beats haven’t actually interested me in a long time but luckily he switched it up with this project. Didn’t think a Royce and Premier album would be fighting for a spot in my top 5 of the year but they both proved me wrong. Makes me wish that when Slaughterhouse puts out projects that they could make it in this quality.

Death Is Certain was so good, thanks for reminding me! Yeah I was a big Royce fan like 10 years ago, this one took me back. Plus you know Premier can do no wrong.

The Trashman said:Death Is Certain was so good, thanks for reminding me! Yeah I was a big Royce fan like 10 years ago, this one took me back. Plus you know Premier can do no wrong.

I agree. My whole thing was that while Premiers recent beats were dope, they all sounded the same. This is something different for him. The way he sampled only Adrian Younge and made it work was genius. Prhyme 2 needs to happen.

Found this dope album off the mention from Tom Scott of @Peace.


Kojey Radical - “Dear Daisy : Opium”

Bandcamp: kojeyradical

Soundcloud: kojeyradical

I’ve been listening to this duo the last couple of days. They released 3 projects this last year. Really love their old school horror flick style.

This is my favorite song from everything I’ve listened to so far.

I finally listened to I Am Many’s album Obese. I waited way too long to sit down and listen to it. He has such vivid imagery in his songs and his wordplay is perfect. I hadn’t really listened to him before aside from skimming through his projects just for first impressions. This was my first full listen and I can say with no doubts that he has made me a super fan.