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General Discussion Your gaming display

got ordered this baby and cant wait to try some video games on it… sorry just wanted to brag. what do you usually play on?

Ahh LED, nice choice. How’s the picture? Any latency? And is the 1280x800 native?

I actually was looking at possible monitor upgrades last week. Mostly play FPS nowadays, so refresh rate, input lag, vibrancy, and possibly size were factors considered. In the end the benefits were going to be so marginal that it wasn’t going to be worth getting rid of my Acer.

I have a shitty projector that I will occasionally watch things on, but it’s 800x600 native = poo poo.

I got a 23 inch AOC Ultra thin IPS LED monitor last summer and that thing is a dream. Purchased it for my Alienware X51 and it was like gaming for the first time. I could hardly look at XBOX360 games once I got used to it.

That minibeam looks pretty awesome though, let us know how it goes or post pics once you get it hooked up.