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General Discussion Uber

Anyone use this service and can tell me their opinion of it?

It’s like using normal people and their cars as taxis, rite?

No its just a way to track down a taxi/car service in your vicinity without having to stand outside or whatever

the payment and tip goes straight to your credit car

it gives you the information on the driver and his exact location so you can see where they are and how long they’ll take to get there
the price is pretty much the same as normal cabs

its pretty convenient

ok cool. Just read some more on the subject.

I was thinking of Lyft, where normal people offer to drive ppl around for a ‘donation.’

seems kinda sketch, but also could be cool. Essentially carpooling with a stranger.

Lyft is big out here in SF. I haven’t used it yet, but people seem to be into it.

Casual carpools were big here before Lyft became a thing, though; folks were already hopping into strangers’ cars to get free rides across the bridge in exchange for the driver’s ability to use the carpool lane. So it’s been a cultural norm for a minute.

I tried uber the other night. Shitty, buggy UI. Calling a cab was faster and more confidence inspiring, and the cost ended up being about the same.

^^Yeah, I know in the DC area they’ve had what they call “Slugging” or “Slug lines” or something like that, where people gather every morning and just random cars swing by and people load up. Pretty awesome.