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Tonedeff So how fast is Tone rapping in Crispy?

Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere (sorry if it has), but I’d like to have a better idea of just how insanely fast Tone is rapping. I’m not exactly sure what “every 16th note for nearly 2 minutes straight in 6/8-time” means.

Based on guinness’s metric, how many syllables/minute?

Everyone’s freaking out about eminem’s fast rap god verse which was 97 words in 15 seconds which is 6.4667 words/second. Couldn’t find a syllable count, but I knew Tone was faster.

Did a word count on the third verse in Crispy and I gathered that there were 299 words in 39 seconds, making 7.6667 words/second (holy shit!).

From what I could find, the guinness record is from Chojin, and he did 921 syllables in 1 minute. I know Tone’s not going for the record in Crispy, but can anyone shed some light on the syllable count?

I will shed light on this shortly.

Polyblog #2 Smile

Yay! Loved the one for Glutton.

JTX said:Polyblog #2 Smile