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Tonedeff Happy Birthday Tonedeff!

Happy Birthday Tone, hope you have a good one! Thanks for Demon!!

Happy birthday sir ! Thanks for everything you brought to us this year !

Happy birthday, Tone! Half of Polymer released, that’s impressive. Keep up the good work, I hope fortune smiles at you soon.

happy birthday, tonedeff! seconds to the previous praise of accomplishments, plus thanks for the laughs (tacm), and all of the hard work that made for an amazing megashow…. quite a year! here’s wishing you have many more. cheers!!

Happy Birthday, Tone! Have a good one!

Happy Birthday! Go party someplace!

Happy Birthday, Tone. Thanks for all the great music you’ve put out this year. Can’t wait to hear more

Cthulhu4Pres said:Happy Birthday, Tone. Thanks for all the great music you’ve put out this year. Can’t wait to hear more

Happy Birthday Tone! Thank you for remaining the Archetype!

Thanks so much for the love, y’all! I appreciate it coming from the most supportive heads in the world!

You don’t need to get me anything, Instagator already held y’all down with a gift:

Happy Bar Mitzvah Tonedeff!!!!!!! Very Happy

Thank you for all the amazing music throughout the year!!! Cannot wait for the fully polymer album!!! Very Happy

Happy Birthday Tone! That Instigator shit has my dying right now.

^Haha, Instagator is awesome. Makes me want to start an Instagram account just for that “Cha!” Happy belated Birthday, Tone!

Happy birthday, Tone! Hope you are having a good one.

I’m glad Beyonce hasn’t put out another record the same time as you this year. Cheers to that. Happy Birthday sir!!

Much appreciated, folks!

Happy Birthday! Cheers.

Aaaaah, I’m late.

Happy birthday sir !

I too am late. Happy bday mang!

A very late Happy Birthday Tone!

Thanks, y’all! I appreciate that y’all still love me and stuff. Smile

I technically missed this, but happy birthday bro! We bout to make some dope shit in 2016! Let’s get it!

Happy birthday Tone !
Thanks for the great music, all the time spent on crafting this was (and still is) worth it !
Chill out for a day, eat some tacos Wink

Here’s to another great year in the Tonedeff universe Smile

Happy B-Day Tone !

Happy born day Tone! Thank you for your existence and what it means to all of us who aren’t the same people if it wasn’t for your art you have shared with us.

Thanks, everyone. Nice to know folks still remember. Haha.
Happy Holidays!

Happy belated Birthday Tone! Thank you for your musical gifts you’ve shared with us all over the years!