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PackFM nyc 2 tdot

I just wanted to thank packfm for coming to my city Thursday night and putting on an amazing show. you schooled some of the locals on showmanship and performance. it was a great night, all in all.
and mr mecc was amazing as always. had to work the next day so we showed up early in (unfulfilled) hopes that it would be a miracle hip hop show that started on time lol…. but it was worth hearing mr mecc’s impromptu comedy banter. for example, he asked if rob ford was still our mayor and someone said “sort of, but they took away a lot of his privileges.” mr mecc: “privileges?! crackheads don’t care about privileges. they care about crack! take away his pipe!!”
if anyone was at the show and knows who the visual artist was whose work was up for auction, please tell me his name. I scored one of the paintings (and thanks for signing it, pack, but that move cost me another $20… haha, totally worth it though), but the artist signed black on black so I can’t make out the sig ... not a huge deal, just curious.
thanks again. cheers!

Those painting looked really cool! I’m assuming the painting in your avatar picture and the ones pack posted on instagram are the painting your talking about.

Although its a given I’m glad to hear that they put on a great show for the folks in Canada.

ya, the one in my avatar is what I got (slanted not-the-greatest pic, but i love the painting and thought some qn5ers might like a peek). the other one was super cool too, but this one fits better with pieces I already have.
and thanks, scratch, for mentioning pack’s instagram (i’m not on it so it didn’t occur to me…). found the artist’s name. cheers!!

Yeah I saw the paintings on instagram and they look awesome !