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General Discussion Happy Holidays!

Anyone else stuck at work today? I’m working till 11 tonight, but I’m loving the holiday pay. So far I’ve hauled in:

Breaking bad complete series blu ray set
$150 in amazon gift cards (just bought some audio technica ath-m50 headphones, still not sure about the other $50. I’m thinking the dark knight returns deluxe edition blu ray, The new Robocop blu ray transfer coming in January, and a book “the light between oceans”)
Heisenberg T-shirt and key chain
Killzone: Shadowfall
Ps4 controller
Sweater and a collared shirt

Gave my wife a necklace and purse

I’m pretty excited to get the headphones in. I’ve never owned anything more than some apple earbuds and amazon had the headphones at a decent price so I caved. I was back and forth on spending so much money just for headphones but I think I’ll be satisfied with them. Really looking forward to immersing myself with demon through them.

Happy (late) Holidays to everyone!

I also got that breaking bad blu ray set. They really did a great job on that. They are going for $350+ on eBay now. I’m really glad I was able to own one. I can’t wait to dive in to all of that bonus content. Have you watched the 2 hour documentary yet?

(also got gta5… playing that like crazy since Christmas)

All you’ve owned are apple earbuds?! You won’t regret getting those headphones at all. I own an Audio Technica turntable and a pair of their headphones, and Tone has an audio technica mic (well at least he did in the “Water” video). You definitely picked a good brand.

I played that Killzone on my friends ps4 and it was fuckin sick!

Haven’t watched the documentary yet. Yea, I’ve always just listened to music in my car or through my phone/computer speakers, never owned headphones before. Only used the apple ones that came with my phones once or twice, so I’m pretty excited to try a decent pair. I was going to get one of those fiio amps with it but held off to see what they sounded like without them first.

Killzone is growing on me. I was having trouble with it at first (plus I suck at fps games so that wasn’t helping), but I’m finally getting the hang of it now. Last two rounds I went 12-7, and 22-11. I want to play gta v so bad but I’m holding out hope that they release a ps4 version.

With my amazon gift cards I ended up ordering the headphones, the dark knight returns deluxe, and apocalypse now. The next couple months I plan on picking up buffalo 66, the wicker man, robocop, and game of thrones season 3, plus sjv3. Dammit I need more money.

Yo JTX I watched that documentary last night, and it was phenomenal. A couple parts had me and my girl tearing up haha.