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Kokayi Releasing A Track EverDay In 2014

This is awesome news and I love what I heard so far. I was just wondering if we’ll be able to download/purchase these in the future?

It’s utterly insane what this mane is doing here. Once the year is up, we’ll see what release options make sense. In the meantime, enjoy the streamery and surprises!

Day 6 sounded familiar Smile

Any chances somebody have 1-11, 13-16 days? Missed them.

Damn I’ve been forgetting to check the soundcloud! Listening now. I didn’t realize they were only going to be up for a limited time. I gotta be more disciplined on checking these.

Listening to Day 28 right now… really awesome

How about a 25 LP vinyl boxset for the release? Razz…. kidding. It would be really cool to be able to purchase the collection digitally though. It’s too good not to.

I love that every month is gonna have a track with vocals - Ginko-B is my jam!
Are those tracks singles from forthcoming albums, or were they made specially for the Track-A-Day project?