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General Discussion Movies in 2014

JTX said:Anyone else get Star Wars tickets? Websites were crashing on me last night so I had to buy Sunday tickets to get good seats, everything else was sold out.

One of my friends managed to get us some tickets to the theater with the recliners that serve food and drinks… cant wait to go to see it Smile.... that trailer was ridiculous

Not going to preorder movie tickets months in advance. I don’t need to be in the first couple showings where everyone is clapping and cheering during the movie. I’m a big SW fan but that is disruptive IMO (ADHD). I’ll wait 2-3 days and catch a matinee.

Trailer looks excellent and I’m trying to set my expectations moderately, but here’s hoping this is Abrams’ magnum opus.

I was able to snag 2 seats at the closest theater for the second showing at 8:30 12/17. They’ve even got assigned seating with a chart just like buying for a flight, so we don’t have to worry about getting good seats other than what we paid for. Jeuh!

I mostly wanted to see it ASAP cuz the world is gonna be a damn spoiler bomb afterwards. If the crowd is too rowdy I’ll probably just see it again.