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General Discussion College Dropout (10 year anniversary)

Hip-hop heads, what’re your thoughts on Kanye West’s debut 10 years later and how he and his music have changed?

Definitely not a fan anymore. There are a good amount of tracks on that album that I still really like, but I don’t enjoy the album as a whole nearly as much as I did when it came out.

His production was on point though

Still one of his best albums, imo. The lyrics on this album are actually about something substantive, and this album and Late Registration was the height of Kanye’s producing abilities.

I like how Kanye finally admitted that Yeezus wasn’t “digestible” and his next album will be a miracle. Dude needs to just focus more on the music though. I miss when he used to actually produce his music.

I loved all his shit except for Yeezus.