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General Discussion I Am Many, Homeboy Sandman, and Oddisee show in Philly on Saturday

Al 3 of these guys have recorded and done shows with QN5 artists and been featured on the site. I’m a huge fan of Oddisee’s production, have listened to most of his discog, and probably paid for at least 3-4 of his releases. I dig HBSM and Many as well, but not as familiar with their work (i listened to sandman’s early stuff, but then he signed to Stones Throw and dropped like 5 releases I haven’t heard)

For those who might have listened to all of I Am Many and HBSM’s discogs, what’s your favorite releases? I’m trying to buy listen to one of each before Saturday…probably gonna get my tickets tomorrow. Any Philly area blue-schoolers going?

Sounds like a good show. Oddisee is one of my favorite artists.

I’ve listened to some of Homeboy Sandman, but not a lot. I would recommend two of his newer EP’s. The first being Kool Herc : The Fertile Crescent from last year (my favorite EP after Glutton and Demon from 2013). The second being White Sands that drops 2/25 (already leaked though). I prefer The Fertile Crescent over the two, but I got a lot of enjoyment out of both.

Haven’t listened to anything by I am Many.

If I lived anywhere near Philly I’d be there. I live in southern Indiana, and unfortunately no good shows come here… we only get major country stars. Sad

Dope, I might have to look into this…do you know the venue?

I am in hbg, might have to drive up to philly to peep game on that shit. What’s the venue? Electric factory or the troc?

It’s at Hard Rock Cafe at 11th and Market, I’ve been in Philly for 10 years and have actually never been there.

I Am Many will blow your mind.

I Am Many bombing atomically. I thought this was funny as well as informative/thought provoking.

I actually met dude one time last year when I went to an iCON the Mic King show, and seen him perform before but I think that was a long time ago, probably back when he went by Many Stylez.

truth right there.